[WELCOME to Melissa’s Fandom World] Out with the old…In with the New (or not?)


Some of you may already know who I am, due to my social media, like Instagram for example (@melissasbookishworld or formerly known as melissasbookworld) or maybe you’ve read some of my blog posts and reviews on the other blog I’ve had for over 3 years: melissasbookworld.com. And if you still like to know some more about me, you can visit the ABOUT ME’ page in the menu, on which I elaborate a bit more on the person behind Melissa’s Fandom World.


Let me start with a little background story: 4 years ago, I fell into a severe depression. I stopped working and became a stay at home mom which was challenging enough when battling through depression. It didn’t take me long though to rekindle my love of reading – I hadn’t actively read a lot of book for years then – and before I knew it I was writing on my own blog, buying more and more books. And being a part of the online book community became so important to me. It’s safe to say that all that really helped me out a lot throughout the first years of depression if I look back on it now. I lived and breathed, met some amazing people and authors who I made many special memories with. And then I came to a crossroad; blogging became a burden to me because I just put too much pressure on myself and my depression had gotten worse since my miscarriage in 2016. So at the beginning of 2018, I stopped blogging altogether. And I was 100% on board with that decision at the time, and knew that I wasn’t going to pick it back up again anytime soon because I wanted to focus on my family, my study – I’ve picked up a home-school-study some months ago – and was busy with other stuff. And since then – after stopping with the anti-depressives medicine as well – things were looking brighter again. I’ve recently finally started losing some weight and I’m being more focused and more able to love my life again. But when something has been such a HUGE part of your life for years like the blog has been– I’ve been actively blogging for about 3 years before I quit – and you’ve loved it so much, despite it becoming a burden at one point, it’s hard to not remember all the GOOD things it’s brought you as well and let it influence you later on. So lately I’ve been constantly on the brink of deciding to start blogging again and I finally made the decision for sure and decided to give it a go.

OUT WITH THE OLD (or not?)…

So, since I’m starting fresh, I’m planning on creating some new stuff and to do things a little bit differently as to how I did it when I was still blogging on melissasbookworld.com But… Since there have been several items, layouts, reviews etc. that I really did enjoy using or writing previously, I’m determined to continue using them on here as well. Especially when it comes to reviews. I’ve written quite some reviews in the past few years and it would be a shame if I wouldn’t re-post them because there have been so many good books I’ve read and want to tell you guys about. So it can occur that you’ll be coming across articles you’ve already read like certain reviews I’ll be posting – that were on the old blog site or my Goodreads page – but I’ll definitely be adding new reviews and other articles as well of course!


So, I’ll be starting by publishing articles soon, probably not on a daily base since I have a study to maintain as well alongside my household and being a mom and whatnot. But I’ll just see how it goes. It’s been a while since I’ve been actively blogging so there’s still a lot I want to get reacquainted with when it comes to using WordPress and such. I’m known for switching Theme’s on a regular base until I found one that’s to my liking, lol, so I hope you’ll bear with me when I’m trying to find something that fits me in the long run.

I am so excited about being back online again and can’t wait to share new articles with you guys and gush about books, movies, tv series, personal stuff and more. The blog will be mainly focusing on books, but I’m in favor of publishing some more personal items as well – you get to know me a bit better then this way, but it’s also really enjoyable to me, to be able to share my thoughts and such on some personal matters. I did already buy a domain but at the moment, I can’t link it back to this WordPress link yet but I thought it’d be a good idea to at least publish this article yet. The domain link http://melissasfandomworld.com is going online in 60 days and I’m going to use that time to work on the blog lay-out and things like that.

For now, I just want to say Welcome (back) to you and I hope you’re going to like the content on here and I love to see you return to the blog in the future of course. I love love love receiving replies so feel free to tell me what you’ll think of my reviews and other articles – I try to make it a goal to write interactive articles because I love talking to you guys! If you have a blog yourself, feel free to mention this as well because I love discovering new blogs to follow and read.

Tell me about what you’re looking forward to, to read on the blog and hopefully I’ll see you return to my online fangirl world very soon! #BeYourOwnKindOfBeautiful

With Love,


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