[UNBOXING] Flick the Wick September box: Terrasen Rising

Flick the Wick is one of the best book merchandise boxes out there I think. I’ve received several of their boxes in the past and each and every one of them has been so amazing so far. The quality of the items is always so good!

So when I saw the announcement that there’d be a Terrasen Rising box in September, inspired by the Throne of Glass series, I couldn’t pass it up. I’d have sold a kidney if I had to, lol. You may have seen an unboxing on my Instagram story already when I received the box, or over at someone else’s social media, but I felt the need to show the box over here, on the blog, as well.

I love posting unboxing articles and this particular box deserves all the loving. Curious to see all of the items up close (again)? Here we go…


I love how Flick the Wick has specialized artwork on their boxes. The artwork on the box is the first thing you see when the box arrives. It’s so stunning! It definitely has all the Terrasen feels going on with the trees and the Stag! LOVE IT. On the bottom of the box – I don’t have any picture of it, unfortunately – there’s a Quote to be found! This box is one I’m going to treasure for the artwork alone, lol.


The Spoiler card itself is a card with the most stunning artwork on the front, of Elide and Lorcan. The artwork is by @gabriella.bujdoso. I love beautiful artwork and I didn’t have that many Elide and Lorcan artwork yet, while I do love these characters so much. So I’m really happy with this!


I didn’t even know this was a thing to be honest; solid perfume. So I was really surprised by this one! I think it’s really awesome! It’s perfect to take with me wherever I go. And as usual, the smells of every item made by Flick the Wick are amazing! Scent: soft blue musk.


Collecting pins has become an obsession of mine – like I didn’t have enough obsessions already, lol – and I can’t say anything other than that this is a stunning one. The trees, the mountains… It’s incredibly detailed and I love everything about it! So happy to be adding this one to my pin collection! This pin was designed by @dreamyandco


I have to be honest here and say that I don’t use magnets because I don’t have any space on my walls for a magnet board to properly display them, unfortunately. There’s no denying though that the artwork on this magnet is so incredibly stunning. And ever since reading Tower of Dawn for the first time, Sartaq and Nesryn became a loved ship to me so I’m incredibly happy to have this little piece in my collection now. Even though I don’t have anything to properly showcase magnets, I do showcase it by putting it up on my throne of glass shelf and it looks stunning I can tell you. Hopefully in the future, when we’ve moved into a bigger house, I’ll finally have my own library room and a place to hang a magnet board, lol. The artwork on the magnet was done by @loweana.art


In my opinion, you can NEVER have enough notebooks in your collection. Receiving notebooks is always such a joy! Especially when they have such stunning design on and in them as this one has. the cover design is by @stellabookishart. I didn’t have a Throne of Glass inspired notebook yet, so I’m really happy I got to add this one to my notebook collection! Maybe I’m going to use it to showcase my favorite ToG quotes – if I survive reading Kingdom of Ash that’s due to release tomorrow!!!!!! 


As I’ve mentioned before, I LOVE artwork. I’ve received some character cards before in another book box of the ACOTAR books by Sarah and receiving these cards of the TOG books makes me so HAPPY! On the back, there’s the Eye of Elena and on the front, there’s artwork of the following characters: Aelin, Rowan, Dorian, Manon, Chaol, Yrena, Aedion, and Lysandra. They’re being showcased on my ToG shelf. They are stunning! the artwork was made by @artbyemmilinne


I have a preference when it comes to bookmarks; quality and material and so on. I love buying all sorts of bookmarks, though, but these sturdy ones are one of my favorites to look at and to use. The ones in the Flick the Wick boxes, in particular, have such beautiful artwork every single time. the artwork is done by @dreamyandco and there’s always two quotes to be found on the bookmark; front and back.


  • CANDLES – smaller ones

There are always three smaller candles to be found in a Flick the Wick box. There’s a Rowan candle – ROWAN!!!!!!!!!!! – which smells like Cypress, Cedarwood, Pine, Moss, and Lemon. There’s Manon’s Thirteen candle which smells like Blood orange, Clover, Persimmon, Aloe, and Ivy. And then there’s a Sam Cortland the Assassin candle which smells like Blueberries, Musk, Thyme and Bergamot. As usual, I’m IN LOVE with the designs of the candles and the smells. The Flick the Wick products smell like heaven, every single time and these candles are no exception!

  • CANDLE – a large one

And then there was this beauty! Queen of Terrasen which smells like Citrus, Succulent, Vanilla, and Nectar. It smells, yet again, amazing and I am so in love with the sticker design. The Terrasen woods and mountains in the background and a stag in front and on the right you see some birds – hawks maybe? 😉 – flying. Sigh, I’m in love!



I put it in front of my bookshelves so you could see how HUGE it really is.

I may have screamed a little when I unpacked this item because well.. LOOK AT IT! It’s so so so sooooo stunning! Sure, I don’t have anywhere to hang this right now, but as I said before; one day I’ll have my library room and this will be the FIRST thing that goes up against a wall in that room. I wish I could convince my husband to put this up on our living room wall, but alas; he won’t budge haha.

This series is so special to me and that particular quote on the wall tapestry is one of my faves and the design is just so stunning and I want to shed tears of happiness when looking at this pic again. The tapestry is safely stored inside the box atm, which stands on my shelf. I cannot wait to have it on a wall someday in the hopefully nearby future. To me, this is definitely the best item in this box. It’s designed by @eviebookish


Well, as you probably would’ve guessed already; I LOVED this box. Each and every item was one I was happy to receive. There really wasn’t a single item on which I even had 1 remark. So the magnet won’t be ‘used’ properly but it’s being showcased on my ToG shelf, which is maybe even better haha. The artworks of all the designers who worked on the items are stunning and Flick the Wick has exceeded my expectations with this box. I don’t think they are capable of disappointing me haha.

October’s Flick the Wick box is inspired by the Illuminae Files so I HAD to buy it as well because I love the Illuminae Files and I was wanting to buy more merchandise of the books for a while now. And November’s theme is Shadowhunters so yeah; HAD to buy it as well. The shadowhunter world is as precious to me as the throne of glass world is, so I couldn’t pass up on it either! So there are at least 2 more Flick the Wick unboxings coming your way very soon!

  • Do you love buying book merchandise? What are your favorite items to receive? Love to hear from you!

With Love,



10 thoughts on “[UNBOXING] Flick the Wick September box: Terrasen Rising

      1. boekenwormmam

        No not a big Shadowhunter fan so I’m waiting for another awesome theme haha. I’ve been ordering the once upon a bookclub boxes haha


      2. Oh yes, those boxes always look so awesome! the Bookclub box is the one in which there are gifts to unwrap while you’re reading, right? Definitely hoping to buy one of those in the future. I bought the Flick the Wick for October as well. It’s inspired by the Illuminae Files.


      3. boekenwormmam

        Yes so you have to read the book to know what’s in the rest of the box haha. I can’t wait for my October box to arrive.


  1. dominds

    Oh my, this box is amazing! I haven’t read the Throne of Glass series to be honest, but these items are gorgeous. I love the notebook and the artwork ❤ I recently bought the illumicrate V.E. Schwab edition and it was amazing, I love how creative some artists are ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, the Illumicrate special edition boxes are to die for as well! Bought the Starfall edition earlier this year, inspired by the a court of thorns and roses books and each and every item in that box was a-ma-zing! Their regular book boxes are quite awesome as well! But I’m really in love with this Flick the Wick box as well. The items are of such good quality and the artwork is indeed stunning!

      Liked by 1 person

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