[TOP TEN TUESDAY] my favorite books/movies/tv series Villains

I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity of adding the Top Ten Tuesday to the new blog. I’ve participated in this one when I was still blogging on melissasbookworld as well and I always really enjoyed writing these articles.

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

How it works:

That Artsy Reader Girl assigns each Tuesday a topic and then I have to post my top ten(or 2, 5, 20, etc.) list that fits that topic.

This week’s topic is VILLAINS

I love a good villain and I have many favorites. Not in the bookish community alone but outside of it as well. So I’ll not only put down a list of memorable – to me – book villains but I’ll be talking about some movie villains too – some of them are originated from books or comics as well so that’s double the fun.


  • Artwork by ©CassandraJean

    Sebastian/Jonathan Morgenstern from the Mortal Instruments series

“If I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell.”

I think he may be my most favorite villain of all time. He’s the villain that we get acquainted with early on in the series but the villain-part of him won’t resurface until you’re in the middle of the series. Sebastian is truly rotten to the core and has such twisted ways of thinking and doing things and that made him into such a creepy and badass villain. And at the end, he even knows how to make me feel sad and heartbroken for him. He made me feel so much at the same time. Clare did an amazing job of writing down this character and he remains one of my all-time favorites to this day!

  • Evil characters from the Harry Potter series

How could I not mention Voldemort? or Umbridge? Or Bellatrix Lestrange. Most of us readers grew up reading the series and falling in love with it and these three characters specifically always come to mind when thinking of a villainous character. Voldemort is just a truly epic villain throughout the entire series. But I think I may even hate Umbridge more than Voldemort? Lol. And Bellatrix is that kind of villain that I just love to hate. How about you?

  • Artwork by ©Aelins_court

    Maeve and the Valg Kings from the Throne of Glass series

I think Maeve is one evil bitch and I hate hate haaaate her from the bottom of my heart. And because of the fact that she’s able to make me feel these intense feelings, I think she’s definitely worthy of being mentioned in this list. But not Maeve alone… the Valg Kings are some seriously twisted bastards as well and I love how Sarah has written these evil masterminds into this story-line.

  • the Darkling from the Grisha verse

“The Darkling slumped back in his chair. “Fine,” he said with a weary shrug. “Make me your villain.” 

I’ve only read book 1 and halfway through book 2, I enjoyed the Darkling’s presence so so much! He’s definitely a villain you love to hate! I got in a bit of a slump while reading book 2 so I’m definitely planning on finishing the Grisha books sometime.

  • the commandant from an Ember in the Ashes

Even though there’s another main villain in this series, I think the commandant is one I just had to mention as well. She’s like Maeve I think; one of those characters who is able to entice such hateful feelings when reading a book. She makes me want to claw her eyes out and kill her 100 times over, lol.

  • Artwork by ©Jerry Vanderstelt

    Sauron from the Lord of the Rings series

Even though it was quite a challenge to get through these books when I’ve read them years ago – I do love all of the characters, the story-line and all of the amazing fantasy elements but the writing just wasn’t for me – I think Sauron is one of the best fantasy villains I’ve come across so far. He’s the embodiment of evil as it should be portrayed in fantasy books like these, I think.


  • Hans Gruber from Die Hard

“I wanted this to be professional, efficient, adult, cooperative. Not a lot to ask. Alas, your Mr. Takagi did not see it that way… so he won’t be joining us for the rest of his life.”

Most of you might know this actor as the role he portrayed in the Harry Potter movies; professor Snape, but I’ve known him as some other villains like Hans Gruber from Die Hard or the sheriff of Nottingham first. But Hans Gruber was such a well-portrayed villain I think in the movie Die Hard. Rotten to the core, calculated, cold-blooded and just the right amount of crazy.

  • the Joker from the Dark Knight 

“Why so serious?”

Whenever I think of a good movie villain, Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker is the first one that comes to mind. This talented actor did such an amazing job on portraying this character to perfection. And in combination with the ‘dark feel’ of the movie in general, and Christian Bale’s Batman performance as his counterpart, this movie was just so incredibly good. But most credits just go to the Joker I think. He was everything that one could’ve wanted for in a movie adaptation of the Joker, and so much more. No one will ever beat this performance as the Joker, no one…

  • Cersei Lannister, Joffrey Lannister and Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones

Cersei; Another character – book originated – that I have such intense feelings about, and not the good kind. Like Umbridge and Maeve, Cersei is one I HATE so much on such a deep level haha. I have to give her credit though; she goes above and beyond for her children but O.M.G., the woman is just evil incarnated, brrr. I can’t wait till the moment comes when she’ll find her death. A hopeful cruel and brutal death in which she will suffer. Yeah, I’m quite opinionated about this character’s death, lol. HATE HER. And because of the way I feel about her, I think she deserves to be mentioned. Characters who’ll make you feel like this, are characters who are extremely well written and performed by authors and deserve the credit.
Joffrey; God I hated that little bastard. Spoiled BRAT! I hated him even more than Cersei at one point or another and I’m so glad we don’t have to look at his fugly face anymore haha. Sorry, I’m not kind about this character at all. He was just horrible!
Ramsay; oh yes, and then there’s Ramsey. This character gave me goosebumps, AND NOT THE GOOD KIND. He is so vile and disgusting *shudders…  and I was praying for the day to come that he got to die.

These three characters are so horrible and made me think such violent things, LOL. But they truly are really amazing villains, who will be remembered for always.

  • Darth Vader from STAR WARS

“If you only knew the power of the dark side.”

He’s kind of a love to hate villain to me. Sure, he’s extremely evil but I just love the villain he is. This is that kind of villain that makes you feel giddy, you know? That kind of villain you look forward to seeing.

  • LOKI from the Marvel Universe

“I am burdened with glorious purpose.”

I have contradictive feelings about Loki being a villain and all that. Sure, he can be villainous when he wants to be, he’s the God of Mischief, after all – and don’t forget the fact that he wanted to rule the earth and all that, lol. But technically Loki isn’t a true villain – to his core – in my eyes because he does have goodness in him – he’s so misunderstood -, more so than any other villain I’ve ever come across. In the end, he redeemed himself and I hope we’ll see him returning in the future and that his death in Infinity War wasn’t a final one. Loki is a perfect example of a character who has so much to offer in the long run. You never know what to expect with him and that keeps being refreshing. I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART.

Who’s your favorite bookish villain? And who’s your favorite movie/tv series villain? Love to hear from you!

With Love,

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    1. The actor who played Ramasy was indeed amazing. I think if I’d ever meet him face to face, I couldn’t even remember he’s an Actor. All I’d see is that he’s that sick and cruel character, lol. He was so convincing!


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