[BOOK REVIEW] Let’s get textual by Teagan Hunter

This book is fan-freaking-tastic!! You have to forgive my enthusiastic fangirl rambling in this review because it can be quite chaotic, but I just couldn’t stop myself lol. 

Our two main characters ‘meet’ each other through a wrong text being sent. And then the texting doesn’t stop… Soon, the texting becomes like an addiction and feelings are being developed. One thing leads to another and our characters finally meet in person and it’s FLAME ON! (don’t know if any of you saw Chris Evans in the Fantastic Four movie? But that’s what I thought of just now, LOL)

There’s definitely a lot of attraction and chemistry to be seen between Zach and Zoe and while they’re diving head first into this relationship, you’re along for this fantastic ride. This is a funny and heartwarming story about two people meeting at the wrong time in their life. But even though neither of them was looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right, fate decided to but in and the rest is up to them. Seldom have I come across a couple as cute as these two that I’ve rooted for so hard!

“Will you go on a second date with me?”
“We’re still in the middle of our first date, Zach. You can’t just ask me that out of the blue.”
“I already did, and I refuse to take it back.”
“What if I don’t like you by the end of this date?” I volley back.
“You honestly think that’s possible?” His dimples poke through his smile,
and I know right then I’m going to say yes. “Say yes, Delia. Be wild. Do something crazy and fun.” 

These characters are to die for. Zach is my new favorite book boyfriend, le sigh… *stares dreamily into the distance. He’s that character you just can’t do anything than to fall in love with. Hard. Hopelessly. And enjoy every second of it…

And Delia was so much fun to read about as well. Her characteristics are great and I loved her ‘quirky-ness’ and her way of thinking. I loved how she speaks her mind, even if it’s a lot of awkwardness that comes out of it. She and Zach are just so incredibly cute together, damn!

I loved that, especially in the beginning, you’re reading a lot of the story through text. I’ve done a lot of texting myself back in the days so all of this felt so incredibly relatable and it gave me all the feels. I’ve laughed out loud so many times. Delia and Zach are just so much fun together.

“Me: Cake, brownies, ice cream? GO!
Zach: Yes.
Me: NO! Pick one! HURRY
Me: I’m at the store getting ready to check out and I NEED TO KNOW.
I can’t decide. Help a cute, hangry girl out, would ya.

Zach: How about…a brownie cake with ice cream.
Me: I think I just came.
Zach: I am known for my skills.” 

But I also liked all of the minor characters a lot as well. Zoe, for example, was amazing as a best friend and minor character and I am so excited to read her book next *see me JUMPING UP AND DOWN. That’s how excited I am!! And then there’s Zach’s family, for example (his Titanic parents. I’m obsessed with everything Titanic so the references in this book; AWESOME, SO AWESOME) as well: just amazingly well written hahaha. The coming home for Thanksgiving chapter, for example, was so great to read! Well, actually; Everything was just awesome!

And don’t forget THE BABY GOAT, just omfg!!!
All the cuteness; Good luck handling it hehehe.
And I have to mention him again as well:
ZACH! Good luck NOT falling for this guy. I think that’s impossible.
He is EVERYTHING *wipes drool off her face and sports some serious heart eyes over here. sighhhh.

But really; Aside from the humor and the characters being awesome in general, there’s also this really adorable and hot AF romance that sweeps you off your feet. I loved the development of this romance, starting while texting each other and expanding after they finally meet each other in person. 

“I could love you one day, Zach,” I whisper against his mouth.
“I think it’s too late for me, Delia.” 

I THINK IT’S TOO LATE FOR ME TOO ZACH. I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU – as I imagine every reader saying who’s read this book, lol! At least I feel this way haha.


The conclusion is very easy to write: What a great read! I enjoyed reading this book so so much and finished it in one sitting. It was unputdownable! I’d recommend this to anyone who’s interested in a funny (Laugh out loud funny) and (sweet AF) romantic read. GO BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! Everyone needs a book like this in their life! Let yourself fall in love with Zach, Zoe and their adorable romance… and their little baby goat 😉 

So, yeah… Normally my reviews are a bit more extended and a bit more ‘put together’ as this one. But this book makes me feel so giddy and excited to talk about so I just can’t get out of my hysterical fangirl-modus.


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