[BOOK REVIEW] Where I found you by Brooke O’Brien (Heart’s Compass #1)

Every once in a while you happily discover a new author who steals your fangirl heart away. Brooke O’Brien became that author for me. Coming across Where I found you made me want to read it so badly and then I got the opportunity to read and review the book, which is so awesome! I didn’t wait long before reading it and well, bottom line; I got blown away and found myself a new author to add to my auto-buy list!

For all the romance readers out there looking for a new read; don’t search any longer. WHERE I FOUND YOU is what you seek! Warning; this is a one-sitting book. Once started, you can’t put it away! I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


Ellie is leaving town to have a new start like she promised her grandmother. While on the bus she meets a handsome man, Callum –And their first encounter is such a joy to read about. I really loved reading that scene and everything that followed after. There is something about him that pulls her in. Callum is heading home after a horrible visit with his brother and father. When he literally runs into Ellie he is immediately drawn to her.

When they get to their final destination Callum and Ellie go their separate ways. We then jump ahead a few months where fate steps in and Callum and Ellie come face-to-face at a bar and find they share the same friend. How could she have been so close and he not realize it? He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about her since the bus ride. And from here on they get more involved with each other, which is the start of a slow burn, but really intense, sexy and heart wrenching romance.

The connection these two have is off the charts hot. But Callum can sense that he needs to take things slow with Ellie. She is definitely not someone he wants to lose again. Ellie has trust issues so it’s very hard for her to let Callum in and tell him about her past because she’s afraid of opening up to him and lose him because she feels not worthy enough – which broke my heart reading about her thinking that way btw.

Callum’s struggling with his family issues and Ellie keeps looking over her shoulder, afraid for her past to catch up with her. All of this is leading up to a huge plot twist that shocked the hell out of me and I was soooo scared sdgbdhfjbghdjbfgd .. But well, I don’t want to spoil anything so you just have to read for yourself haha. Good luck with that 😉


Okay, let’s talk about the characters a bit more because they deserve more attention! Ellie‘s such a strong and amazing character and I’m in awe of her! Really.. This character is so well written and undergoes a tremendous development throughout this book which is sooo beautiful to experience from the reader-side of it. But.. reading about Ellie’s childhood was really hard though. It emotionally broke me and had me sobbing quite a few times. It’s really terrible to read from time to time but knowing how Ellie fought through it all and came out stronger for it – despite being afraid of commitment – makes the hard times reading it, all worthwhile I think.

And that’s why it’s also soooo beautiful to see how Callum fits Ellie so perfectly. Callum.. *dreamy sigh* is.just.simply. A-MA-ZING! He comes across as a realistic character and a perfect (book) boyfriend all in one and I was hooked. I fell sooo hard for Callum, damn.

I also fell hard for the side characters in this book. There are a couple of leads put in this one that made me so soooo excited for the next books to come in this series. Just like Ellie and Callum, the side characters are already so well developed I think and I connected to them instantly. I love the different characters and the friendships forming in this book. Yep, I’m a goner…


Like I said, there were times when reading this book was emotionally draining and just really hard for me. I’m a bit of a sensitive person and both of these characters didn’t have an easy past, for different reasons, with everything that’s happened to Ellie especially, being horrific at times even. It broke me and especially my mommy-heart broke tremendously while reading some of the flashbacks… This poor kid 😦 Reading about Ellie’s past through flashbacks and reading about Ellie in the present time, being a grown woman, was so sad and beautiful at the same time.I love how the author portrays Ellie’s present characteristics. How she’s showing us that despite the fact there’s a lot of terrible things happening in this world, things that never ever should happen to anyone but especially a child, you can overcome the horrors and try to make something for yourself ‘out there’.

I love how Callum helps Ellie’s development in this time-period a lot, but that he isn’t ‘dominating’ in her character development, you know? Let me try to explain what I mean – I suck at words sometimes haha. Okay, I mean; that Ellie first and foremost was her own savior when it came to walking away from her childhood home for example and overcome a large part of the horrors from her past by herself – and her grandmother who stood by her by then. She first and foremost fought alone, for herself, for having a future, which I think is one of the things why I love Ellie so much. She’s just so incredibly strong and I’m in awe of her, really.. I don’t know if I’d be as strong as Ellie is, having had that upbringing.

And Romance-wise Ellie still has a lot to learn though and that’s where Callum definitely IS a great influence. She has trust and commitment issues – for which I can’t blame her seeing what’s happened to her in the past – and it’s obvious Callum is a one-of-a-kind guy. If there’s anyone who can help Ellie overcome her fears and issues, it’s him. It all started with their off-the-charts chemistry a couple of months ago when they first met. And now they have the opportunity to get to know one another better and gosh.. this romance development is just so freaking amazing! It’s incredibly well written and feels so realistic, which is really important for me as a reader when reading contemporary romance. First, there was the undeniable attraction and then it all became so much MORE.. Loved it.. Loved it, LOVED it! And well, I’m a big fan of sexy scenes as well and Brooke definitely knows how to write those too, yay! hehehe. Everything was just really well balanced out and I enjoyed it immensely.


Jeeeez, where to start with my conclusion haha? I mean, First off: I can’t believe it’s a debut novel because this book is just so phenomenal and I don’t often come across debut novels like this one in the contemporary genre, so yeah; praise – a lot of it – for Brooke!! The writing is so beautiful, addictive and I lost myself completely in this book right from the start. Like I said; it was a one-sitting read, so that says it all, right? And well, to spoil things a bit; the second book was maybe even better I think and got a 5-star rating as well. So yeah, Brooke O’Brien made it to my auto-buy list and I’m incredibly happy I got to read this book and its sequel.

This is such a beautiful, heart wrenching and powerful read. Ellie and Callum stole my heart, right from the start. I just couldn’t do anything other than fall in love with these characters and losing myself in their story. It was so touching and sad and beautiful and skjgdjhbgfhjdfg – just A LOT OF FEELS, alright? haha I enjoyed every single second of it and I’m craving more, more, more. The angst written throughout the book was really well done and it ends with a sh*tload of feels towards the end where there’s a major plot twist that ‘knocked me off my feet’. It left me an emotional blubbering fangirl, in the best way possible haha. Everything I could’ve wanted in a contemporary romance was present!

would I recommend this book? yes
would I re-read this book? yes
would I read future books by this author? yes
Do I need you to buy this book ASAP? YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES!

With Love,



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