[BOOK REVIEW] the Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Origin #1)

I can’t really express myself as to how friggin’ excited I was when I received an e-arc of the Darkest Star back in September. I’ve been looking forward to a spin-off series ever since reading LUX for the first time, years ago, because I became OBSESSED with everything Luxen – understatement! Add to this, that when I did an interview with Jen last year, she told me that Luc would dethrone Daemon. I kid you not, she said this to me back then. I went on a full freak-out-modus when she told me this while sitting right in front of her, lol. And it made me even More excited to read the book so I  could find out for myself what I’d think of the dethroning thing. And now I finally have my answer- although I can compare only ‘so much’ since there’s only the one book now, whereas I got to obsess over Daemon over the span of 5 books, lol. But there’s definitely a Luc essay coming your way so be prepared. I have lots to say about him, hihi


It was really exciting to read about the aftermath – well, aftermath? It’s been a couple of years though – of everything that happened in the LUX books and finding out how things have fared ever since saying goodbye to the characters I came to love so much in the Lux series. It’s obvious no-one’s forgotten about the invasion and the Luxen who wanted to harm humankind. There’s a lot of hatred and fear present today because of that and a lot of humans remain skittish around the Luxen. All of this pent-up anxiety is going to take its toll at some point of course and I have a feeling this is going to develop a lot more in the next books as well. Things are heating up and are ready to explode.

In this first book of a new series, it’s obvious there’s something major coming our way, something new and mysterious, and that this book is basically a build-up towards that and what I love most of all; an opportunity to focus on some character development before the shit hits the fan – doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening in this book because there IS, especially towards the end so hold on to your seats!

But… to be honest, it takes some time for the story to take off at first, I think. From early on, it’s obvious there’s some mystery going on around Evie and Luc and on the one hand, you can’t stop reading because you’re so desperate to get to that point in the story when you finally get some answers. I can’t quite put a finger to it, but I also felt there’s not that much happening in the first part of the book regarding the Evie/Luc story-line, as well as the background story-line, up until I hit the 50% mark I guess? Sure, there was some awesome humor present, great characters who made their entrance, new and familiar ones- SQEEL!!!!! But somehow it didn’t WOW me as much as Obsidian did back then for example. It didn’t sink its claws into me right away…

When I passed the 50% mark, it completely turned around…The story really took off like a freight-train and from then on it was unputdownable! Armentrout is really good at angst building and she knows so well as to when she decides it’s the best time to let it all explode. It has you emotionally off balance and on the edge of your seat the entire time, holding your breath and in need of tissues. The writing is – even though I had some remarks on some things – as I’ve come to expect when reading Armentrout; addictive, which made it a really fast-paced read.


”I came here to hang out with my friend. That’s all I’m doing. It has nothing to do with you.”
“Everything has to do with me.”
I blinked once and then twice, waiting for him to laugh, but when he didn’t, I realized I’d officially met the most arrogant being on this planet.

When meeting Luc in the prior books, I was immediately intrigued about the Origin’s in general and his character specifically- he was this kick ass and sometimes scary Origin who had a really fun and sarcastic streak so I was a fan of him right away back then. I am bummed out a bit though for not having a Luc POV available in this book –maybe there’ll be one someday just as we got the Daemon pov’s? Let’s hope so! On the one hand, I understand the Why, given the development of things in this book. Because it would’ve given away too much on some secrets regarding the story-line and its development. But on the other hand, I think it’d been better for Luc’s character development though?

”I could do a lot of things. I have done a lot of things, and sometimes, I do hurt people.”he said quietly, softly.
“But I could never hurt you.”

Or maybe it’s just that I craved more and couldn’t get enough of him? Lol. I loved loved loooved reading about his development throughout the book. Or rather; I just loved getting to know the Luc ‘underneath’ that calm surface that we know he likes to maintain at all times, if possible. It was such a wonderful journey to get to know him. Sure, he’s scary as hell when he wants to be, DUH -> Origin, and he can kick some serious ass, but he’s so much more and I loved getting to know him the way Evie did; layer by layer being peeled off until there was only this beautiful, kind and caring person left – and don’t forget his sarcasm and his HUGE ego resurfacing every now and then which gives him a lot of humor, lol. But we are already familiar with all of that thanks to Daemon, so you can probably understand why I love these boys with their huge ego’s and their huge hearts, sigh. Bottom line; Luc is a fantastic character to read about, he made my heart definitely do some heavy thump-thumps in my chest on several occasions and I’m already craving MORE of him!

”What do you want?” He asked, his gaze holding mine.
“You,” I whispered, cheeks burning.
“You have me.” His thumb dragged along my lower lip.
“You’ve always had me. Always.”

Then there’s also Evie. Evie was a really fun main character to follow around. “There’s a lot happening to her in this book” is a huge understatement. I felt so bad for her sometimes and I think that Armentrout did a really great job on her character development. I really liked seeing how Evie experienced it all and how she reacted to it. The focus on her mental state was really well balanced out with all of the things that happened, I think and made it easy for me to connect with this character. I’m excited to see how she’ll develop in the next book.

As with the LUX books, there’s a tremendous amount of awesome (sarcastic) humor present, vocalized by some pretty awesome characters. In general, I really liked all of the characters, main and minor ones. There are some awesome friendships present, that I really liked reading about a lot – who doesn’t appreciate some good friendships written in a story instead of only focusing on romance? right?!  I cannot wait to read more of the minor characters in the next book. I love it when I feel like this; looking forward to the next book so I can spend more time with the characters. Characters are such a huge part to me in making a book work and the characters in this one are all just really great!


Overall, it was a really enjoyable read and a fun first book in this lux spin-off series. Not As good as Obsidian was to me back then, because of I kind of felt like there are quite some similarities between this book and the LUX books regarding how several things developed and the characters and their traits and their relationships –which makes this one a bit less original and unique.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t like reading it, obviously, but it Has influenced my rating on the book. I liked the characters a lot, the writing is addictive, the storyline is interesting but it didn’t Wow me. I am really curious though to read the next book and see how things are going to develop from here. Especially story-wise, since I already feel like it’s a given that the characters will continue being their awesome selves again  – I can’t wait for you to meet Luc, Evie and some new characters as well as getting reacquainted with some familiar ones hehe.

I think it’s a challenge to live up to the LUX legend and even best it. Thankfully there are some new things being introduced which makes it possible for this to become a spin-off series that really adds something more and different to the already well-loved LUX world. At this point, I’d say it’s a fun first spin-off book, with a promise of becoming something spectacular when the series is completed. *Fingers crossed!

And of course, the million dollar question:
Did Lux dethrone Daemon? as Armentrout told us all he would do?

At this point, I’m still debating. Lol. Let’s see how I feel after reading the next book? I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to choose because Luc is quite a phenomenal character already and Daemon is well; DAEMON…But Luc is LUC and what he showed me so far has had me melted into a puddle of a swooning fangirl mess. Even if he didn’t dethrone Daemon (yet), I definitely have added another book boyfriend to my favorite list.

I’m so excited to see this book being published. It’s something every LUX fan out there has dreamed of for years. I don’t think this book will be a disappointment to fans, even though it isn’t always refreshing, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of this first book in the Origin series.

*I wanna send out a huge thank you to the publisher for sending me an arc of this book. The arc was being sent in exchange of me leaving an honest review*

19 thoughts on “[BOOK REVIEW] the Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout (Origin #1)

    1. Thank you! And indeed! I especially love the characters a lot but story-wise it just took me a bit to get into it unfortunately. But when I hit that 50% mark, it really took off and made up for the first half of the book haha. I’d still recommend it to any Lux fan out there, because I think it’s a fun first book in the spin-off series and I’m curious to see how the series is going to develop with a next book!


  1. Bewitched Reader Book Blog

    I haven’t read the Lux series, but I also received an ARC of this one and im hooked! I definitely need to go back and read the Lux series!!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! That’s so nice of you ❤ To me, it often feels so chaotic since I can be enthusiastic and passionate and often just feel like I can’t find the right words to talk about it you know? lol. It’s nice to hear people are making sense of what I wrote down, lol. And I’m bummed out about any grammar faults etc. in my writing since English isn’t my native language, but I’m doing my best hihi.

      I’m going to check out your blog in a bit as well 😀

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      1. You’re doing really well! And I feel it’s best when you put down the exact words that you are thinking. The grammar check isn’t the most important thing. Your words should be a reflection of your feelings. Your’s are. That’s why I like your writing


    1. I love people loving on this book, especially the ones who haven’t read LUX yet! If you get around to reading the Lux series, I hope you’re going to love it just as much! I can’t wait though to also see where this series is ‘going’! It isn’t really fair to really compare it to the lux books yet since there are 5 of those and ‘only’ 1 Origin book so I’ll definitely get back on that when I’ve read more Origin books!

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