I love reading books, and I love fangirling about the books I’ve read. So this monthly favorites article, which I also published on Melissa’s Bookworld, was an article I really wanted to continue publishing on here as well.

In Monthly Favorites, I’ll talk about my favorite read books each month. I read an average of 10 – 15 books each month so there are always books I want to talk about that I loved reading. This particular month… Well, I hope you’re ready for my inner fangirl being unleashed? Because I’ll be talking about Kingdom of Ash among others so it’s going to be a long one 😉


  • 9200000072977384Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas

Of course, I’ll start with this one. I was so lucky to be able to plan’s Milan stay at my parents – he goes there 1 day a week after school – around this release so that I was able to read during the day without having to pick up my son and care for him hihi. I’ve finished this nearly 1000 pages books within 2 days; I COULDN’T STOP READING. But at some point, I really tried to read a bit slower though, just so I could savor it a little while longer because I wasn’t ready to say goodbye… I’m still not, but we all have to make our peace with it right? haha.

Each new chapter made sure I experienced goosebumps, tears or other intense emotions. This book left me broken, gutted and beyond repair. This book was everything I’d hoped it to be and more. It was such a beautiful homage to the amazing characters in particular that we got to meet in every book and follow throughout the entire series. Sarah wrote a final installment that does this series proud.

I wasn’t ready to part with this world and won’t ever recover from this read and of knowing that this is the end. But my heart is filled with joy at the same time, knowing this series got such a worthy final installment.

I am beyond words so I really can’t do this book justice the way I really want to – I’m only able to ramble at this point and be in awe. My feelings are still all over the place – I cried non-stop and don’t have any tears left in me anymore. There’s so much to feel regarding what happened in this book story-wise, but then there’s also so much to feel knowing this is IT… This IS IT… The end of an era.

Saying goodbye to this epic world that has become so important to me and saying goodbye to these characters who’ve all become so precious to me; It hurts. And in the end, while my heart and soul were hurting while closing the book after a reading experience that rocked my entire being, I still smiled. I smiled for all the joy this series has brought me over the years. I smiled for all the amazing characters I got to know throughout the years. I smiled, knowing I’ll always be able to return to this world that means everything to me. Thus far, this has been the best read of 2018 to me – saying this when I finished 195 books so far this year! I’ve been an emotional basket case for days now. I want to do a re-read already, but I’m just not able to emotionally just yet haha. So yeah, this book was my most favorite October read and most favorite read of the entire year even though it destrooooyed me.

  • 35527001Let’s get Textual by Teagan Hunter

You may have already come across my review on the blog or on my Goodreads page. This contemporary romance book was such a joy to read and definitely one of my favorite reads this month.

It was unputdownable! I’d recommend this to anyone who’s interested in a funny (Laugh out loud funny) and (sweet AF) romantic read. GO BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW! Everyone needs a book like this in their life! Let yourself fall in love with Zach, Zoe and their adorable romance… and their little baby goat 😉

You can read my review by clicking HERE…

  • downloadNightchaser by Amanda Bouchet (Endeavour #1)

I fell in love SO HARD with Amanda’s writing and her prior written Kingmaker Chronicles books. And Sci-Fi Romance has become one of my favorite genres to read as well, so when I heard she was writing this particular book, I counted myself one lucky fangirl, sigh. A new book from a favorite author in a favorite genre? YES.PLEASE! It was so EXCITING to receive an ARC of this book because it’s been one of my most highly anticipated 2019 releases. I cannot believe Amanda went above and beyond to provide me with an arc, that means the world to me – Yes, I may have an author crush going on here because Amanda is such an amazing person and I don’t feel sorry for it one bit! So, yeah… I’ve had some high expectations you could say, lol.

A female ‘robin hood’, space adventure at it’s best and a scorching hot romance to top it all off. What more could a girl want?! This book reeled me in right from the very first page and left me craving more. The wait for book two is going to be excruciating but until then I’ll just have to recede to keep re-reading this one hihi. My review of this book is going online in November so stay tuned…

  • 81TaR7kzn7Lthe Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

This book was such a surprising – in the best way possible – read. I was expecting a cute, light-hearted and romantic read – which would’ve totally been okay too you know – but I got not only that but so much more! It had so much depth and there was a lot of development present and it was so SEXY! I LOVED every single moment spent reading this book! My review is going online on the blog soon!

I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone who’s looking for a great romantic and sexy read with some really great story-line and character development. This book is unputdownable and I dare you to find out for yourself what you think about it by reading it ASAP.

  • 30097276a Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer

Maybe you’re thinking; another BatB retelling? But let me tell you… This is a BatB retelling like you’ve never seen before and I mean that in the best way possible. This is a story that makes you swoon, ache, cry, love, fall apart at the seems and it makes you crave more when finished. Like I said before; This was everything I’d hoped it’d be and more… I can’t recommend this book enough and I hope you’ll be swept away by this amazing story just as I was and still am.

You can read my review by clicking HERE…


So that was my favorite reads in October list!

I am so excited to hear what your favorite reads have been in October? Was it Kingdom of Ash or maybe something entirely different? Was it more than 1 book and do I need to add it to my tbr? Love to hear from you! 

With Love,

27 thoughts on “[MONTHLY FAVORITES] October 2018

  1. My favorites were Blood Bond saga part 4-6 by Helen Hardt. I love this series. No White Knight by Angel Payne and Victoria Blue. Can’t wait for the next book!!! Harsville by Olivia Wildenstein. This was such a good read!! Conquered by Angel Payne. Just Pretending by Leah & Kate Rooper. And last but not least, my reread from book 3-7 from the 3: AM Kisses serie by Addison Moore.

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    1. Thank you for the reply! You’ve read a lot in October!! I’m going to check them all out and see if they’re books I need to read as well – I’ll probably add some to my wishlist, because you often read a lot similar books as I do, so that makes me excited to look them up haha.

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  2. Great post! “Let’s Get Textual” sounds right up my alley so I’ll definitely be putting that on my tbr list. Haven’t read any of the others…yet:) My favorite Oct read was “Full Blood” by Donna Augustine. She never disappoints.

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  3. Bookworms corner blog spot

    I enjoyed the Kiss Quotient too. My favourite book this month is hard to pin down but I really loved the More Than Magic series by Elizabeth Kirke and Box of Frogs by Helen Harper.

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    1. Oh I’m not familiar with those authors but I’ll make sure to check them out! I haven’t come across people who didn’t like the Kiss Quotient so far so that’s great to hear, that you liked it too! It really surprised me in the best way possible


    1. Ohh I am already so excited to hear what you think of Let’s get textual and the Kiss Quotient – happy reading in advance! I’m going to check out the Daughter of Winter series because I was looking for a new Reverse Harem series and I love it when it’s combined with fantasy elements! Thanks for the Rec!

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    1. If you ever get around to read an Amanda Bouchet book; let me know! She’s become one of my all-time favorite authors so I’m always really excited when someone starts reading a book by her haha.

      And the Hazel Wood!!! I’ve been in doubt about that book for so so long and even contemplated on unhauling it at some point. But since I have a signed copy I didn’t want to get rid of it so fast and I’m planning on giving it a go sometime. Hope I’m going to love it as much as you did then!


    1. IKR! I have the UK cover editions of her Kingmaker Chronicles as well, which are designed with the same format/design/style and are so stunning as well. But this one is perfection with the galaxy in the background and the gold edges and such. Can’t wait to get the printed copy! I’ll be getting the other cover edition as well though but this one is definitely my favorite haha.

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  4. Wow great post and amazing list of books, I’m added ever book to my tbr pile because they all looks and sounds absolutely amazing plus I already have the throne of glass series on my very long tbr pile as well. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


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