[BOOK REVIEW] the Clean-Up by Megan Green (Washington Rampage #2)

Ever since reading the Off-Season, I was looking forward to reading Brandon and Liv’s story so of course, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to review this book – I received an arc in exchange for leaving an honest review. So, overall, I reaaaally loved this book! I think I’m becoming an addict when it comes to this author’s books because I love her writing so much.

Let me tell you a bit more about it then!

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Boy meets girl.

Boy screws girl.

Girl gets knocked up.

That was my story with Brandon Jeffers, power hitter for the Washington Rampage and baseball’s biggest bad boy. He came into my life like a line drive to the face, and he left without looking back.

It’s okay though, because I’m determined to raise this baby on my own. I mean, women for centuries have navigated parenthood alone…why should I be any different?

But when the major league star shows up on my doorstep, making promises I know he can’t keep, my defenses go up and my expectations stay low.

Brandon says he can cleanup his act…
I’ll believe it when I see it.

The Cleanup is the second novel in the Washington Rampage sports romance series, but can be read as a complete standalone.

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It started off with a BANG and I loved it hehe. Boy and girl have an amaaazing night together, their chemistry is off-the-charts-HOT. They part but can’t stop thinking about each other, really, and then the boy decides to go after her and receives a shocking surpriseeee! It turns out she’s pregnant…

I came to love Liv a lot when reading about her in the Off-Season but I have to say that she disappointed me a bit at the beginning of this book, after she found out she’s pregnant. Minor spoiler alert! 

[I do get her behavior though because it’s a shock to her finding out she’s pregnant and all. But when she makes her peace with it and starts to looking forward to having this baby, she decides she doesn’t want to tell Brandon and I was so not okay with that even though I could understand her reasoning behind all of this. She’s afraid he won’t be there for her and the baby and she wants to spare herself and her baby that pain, giving she grew up with no father and a mother who didn’t really care for her and Lexi wants to do differently. But.. well.. she doesn’t really know Brandon all that well, does she? So it’s really presumptuous to make him a bad guy before giving him a chance to do good. And he has every right to know she’s pregnant with his baby. Thankfully, this got sorted out really fast, with some help from Lexi, and Liv came to her senses which I was really thankful for.]

Thankfully, Lexi turns around a bit and undergoes a tremendous character development after that. She doesn’t trust easily and I really get why she’s afraid to let Brandon in at the beginning.

Brandon on the other hand.. he’s a bulldozer and not afraid of going after Liv! Holy shitballs! I love him so frigging much! Megan Green is able to write down such amazing male characters. The lengths he goes to, to get his happily ever after with Lexi and their baby, is such a beautiful reading experience. I really loved reading his POV, because it gives so much more depth to the story but the romance development as well.

Overall, this was a really fun, sexy and swoon-worthy read! It has some angst and drama, it’s really HOT and sexy, I loved the presence of the minor characters yet again because they are so much fun to read about. Brandon and Liv’s romance development was incredibly sweet and well-written I think. And when it comes to sports romance books, I think this author does a really really well job! She has a unique way of writing and I love her for it. It makes me want to come back for more every single time.

You can read my review of the first book in the series, the Off-Season, HERE…

And my review on book three, the Rival, will be published later today, so stay tuned!

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