[UNBOXING] Flick the Wick October 2018:

Flick the Wick is one of my most favorite book merchandise boxes out there. I recently published the September box unboxing of Terrasen Rising and now it’s time to share my unboxing of October’s box <ERROR> which is inspired by the Illuminae Files books by Jay  Kristoff & Amie Kaufman.

I am in love with these books and I am in love with Flick the Wick boxes so I was really excited to receive this box. Let me show you guys all of the awesome stuff I received in this box.


I love that FtW always has different box designs with each new theme/month. Since the Illuminae books are all about space adventure, it’s totally fitting to have this gorgeous galaxy design on the box. Love it!


spoiler card

Last month’s spoiler card had some amazing artwork on it and this months spoiler card has a really beautifully designed quote art work on it.


art print side 1.jpg

There’s a stunning double sided art print inside with this awesome quote on one side. Artwork by @dreamyandco

art print personages

And then there’s the other side which consists of artwork by @kiranight_art . I think she did an incredible job of portraying these characters. They all look so amazing! Love it a lot and I’ll be showcasing this side of the print on my shelves for now. love love love it!



I love pouches and feel like I can’t get enough of them haha. I use them to store make-up but also to store book merchandise as pins, bookmarks and such or to just showcase them on my shelves since they always look so pretty. I really love the design of this pouch and the pouch itself is huge so there’s a lot that fits into it so that’s awesome! Artwork was done by @dreamyandco


magnetic bookmark.jpg

I love magnetic bookmarks a lot and getting one that’s designed by @dreamyandco makes me so happy. I love that dreamyandco is always so much involved with a lot of the designs in the flick the wick boxes. And I think it’s so awesome Flick the Wick included an item of this character, Ella Malikova, in the box since she’s such a terrific and underrated character I think. So I am really happy with this bookmark!



Keychains are always great to receive I think. I love switching between keychains and use different ones once in a while so this one will definitely be used in the nearby future. Love the quotes and the designs! Artwork by @dreamyandco



As I’ve said in the September unboxing article, I always love receiving these specific sturdy bookmarks Flick the Wick always includes in their boxes. I think both sides of the bookmark are awesome and it’s hard choosing which side I’ll be showing on my shelves haha. I’m going to switch it up a lot I think. Designed by @dreamyandco


pillow case.jpg

This awesome pillow cover was designed by the wonderful @inkandwonder.designs and I love it a lot! I don’t know if I’ll be using it on my bed though since I don’t have a matching one for my husband and I like matching covers on our bed haha. But I love the coloring, the artwork of Kady and the quote that’s being used. Maybe I’ll keep it stored for now so I can hang it up on a wall someday like a tapestry of some sorts? I’m definitely going to use it in the future, but for now I’ll keep it safely stored away.

  • CANDLES – smaller ones

small candles.jpg

Flick the Wick switched from using the tin candles to these smaller glass jars and I can’t say I am against it haha. I do love the tin candles a lot but it’s nice to receive these glass jars as well for a change! The three candles are ones I am sooo incredibly happy with since I came to love all of these characters so much and just… sigh. We have a Kady & Ezra candle which smells of Ozone, Musk, Mango & Apple & Floral. Then there’s also a smaller candle of Hanna & Nik which smells of Embers, Musk, Maple & Peach. And last but not least, there’s a small candle of Asha & Rhys which smells of Crisp air, Lavender, Vanilla and Musk. As always, the candles smell delicious.

  • CANDLE – a large one


And last but not least there’s this large candle in a glass jar of AIDAN <error> and I love this one so so much! Aidan is such an amaaaazing ‘character’ and I came to care about this AI so much even though he seems to be the ‘villain’ of the story at one point or another. But damn… just love ‘him’. So glad I got to add this one to the collection as well.

complete haul


Overall, this is yet again a box I am so incredibly happy with! All of the designs and artwork is stunning and the items are all items I loved to receive and I’m definitely planning on using them all in the future, the usable ones. Thanks to the items in this box I was finally able to create a small Illuminae Files ‘corner’ on my shelves to showcase my books and merchandise and I love it:


November’s Flick the Wick box theme is SHADOWHUNTERS so I already cannot wait to receive it since it’s one of my top 3 favorite fandoms.

Do you love buying book merchandise? What are your favorite items to receive? Love to hear from you!

With Love,

17 thoughts on “[UNBOXING] Flick the Wick October 2018:

    1. omg yes you really need to!! They are all so magnificent! Book two is on some level even better than the first one I think. And flick the wick never disappoints, their boxes are just awesome. Cannot wait for the Shadowhunter box to arrive.


  1. dominds

    Omy, this is an amazing box! I haven’t read the Illuminae files yet, but these goodies are beautiful. I love the pouch and the pillow case, they are so colorful ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve read Illuminae when it wasn’t hyped yet so that probably helped a lot. I don’t know if I’d pick it up as easily now when all three books have been so hyped, lol – I tend to get skittish around hyped books. If you ever get around to read Illuminae, I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. This book blew my frigging mind hihi.

      Liked by 1 person

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