[UNBOXING] Faecrate Kingdom of Ash hangover recovery kit

With all the Kingdom of Ash boxes made available by different shops around the world, it was hard choosing which box to buy since I had to choose 1. At some point, I came across the Faecrate box, which was a new-to-me-box and I fell in love at the spot when looking at their prior boxes. So I decided to go for their Kingdom of Ash recovery kit box then.

In the past week I saw that the Kingdom of Ash box was being delivered all around the world but living in the Netherlands means that my boxes arrive a couple of days later, most of the time. So I’ve been (un)patiently waiting for my box to being delivered hihi. Yesterday I finally received it, YAY. I hadn’t had the time to do the unboxing right away so that’s why you guys had to wait until today to see my unboxing. I’ve been looking forward to receiving this box so much! The reveals Faecrate had done on some of the items/artwork etc. made me so excited beforehand. Curious to see what was in this box? Continue reading and be amazed!

Maas Destruction ahead.. Ain’t this the truth, LOL.


The looks of this box are awesome I think. Such a beautiful design and I’ll definitely be looking for a nice spot to put this box somewhere on my shelves so I can keep looking at it in the future haha. I love book boxes that have special designs like these in the theme of the box. I am afraid to that at one point, probably sooner than later, I’m going to have space issues on my shelves because the boxes need a lot of space. So I may have to start storing them in boxes until we’re moved to a bigger house, lol. The artwork of the box is made by @Stellabookishart



As with most boxes, the first thing you come across is the spoiler card. The spoiler card in this box is provided with stunning art work made by @GabriellaBujdoso on the front and it’s a real sturdy material as well so it’s really awesome to have it as an art print as well.



This is the first Faecrate exclusive – all of the items are exclusives btw! – item that’s inside the box and it’s also my most favorite item. We already knew this was going to be inside the box and I couldn’t be happier with my cutie pie Rowan plushie! He’s so frigging adorable!!!! Can’t stop touching and cuddling, lol. Had to put it high up on my shelves because otherwise I’m afraid he’ll end up in Rex’s dog Bed, lol – this happens with Milan’s stuffed animals a lot so I don’t want to take any chances here haha.



Even though I hardly have any space left on my shelf walls to display art work – on the Throne of Glass shelves in particular I mean – I am so happy to receive another stunning art print, or rather; 2 stunning art prints since it’s double sided – and sturdy as well, which has my preference! On one side, we have a Sartaq/Nesryn print and on the other a Chaol/Yrene print and I love them both so much. The design/artwork is absolutely stunning I think and was made by @Danimariedraws.


wall hanging.jpg

It’s a wooden wall hanger with a quote from Heir of Fire – it’s one of my favorite quotes so that’s awesome. It’s handmade by @HelloWorld. At the moment, I don’t have any space to hang it somewhere so I stored it inside the box so I can hang it up in the, hopefully nearby, future when I have some more room on my walls to display my bookish items!



Personally, I never drink these mixes when I receive them in a box since I only drink hot chocolate from a certain brand – yep, I’m a little pampered princess hahaha – but it’s perfect to people who really like to drink this and especially seeing which time of the year it is right now. This was put together by @AlbionTeaCo.



Pins; I can’t get enough of them! They’re my new obsession. I love the design of this one. It says ‘Survivor of Maas Destruction’ on the outside and on the inside it says ‘Nameless is my Price’ which brings up all the feels right now after recently having finished reading KoA. This pin was created by @LKDesignStudio.



I can’t say anything other than that the design of this pillow case is really stunning! The material is of good quality and I love it. Unfortunately, I don’t use these kind of pillow cases a lot inside our home since I don’t have a separate library room and it just doesn’t really fit my interior in my living room. But I am storing all of the lovely pillow cases I already own and wait until I someday have my library room and I can display them on a specific reading couch/seat. This pillow case was designed by @CatarinaBookDesigns.



This sticker design was created by @aCourtofCandles and goes alongside a stunning candle that was in this box as well, which I’ll show you guys down below! I really like this artwork. I am sooo on board the Charol & Dorian Bromance train so I love receiving artwork/items with these two characters on it.



@aCourtofCandles is one of my most favorite candle making shops out there, so receiving this candle is such a surprise and made me so happy! I am so in love with the design of it, like I said above when talking about the sticker, and there’s a cute quote on it as well saying: “He’d understood that the prince was his brother in soul. “I love you.”Aaaannd I’m dead by feels now! And look on the top, where normally there’s the candle fragrance mentioned, it now says ‘Chaol’s hardheadedness and Dorian’s sarcasm’. I can’t even; that’s so stinking cute!!!! So yes, I’m very much in love with this candle, which also smells really delicious! It smells really fresh and manly – Gods, I suck at describing this  but that was my first impression of it hahah. But seriously; I am addicted to this smell. I could sniff this candle all day long and imaging Chaol and Dorian standing right there beside me, sigh…


And last but definitely not least, my second favorite item in this box: the Blanket with the stunning @GabriellaBujdoso design that we came across earlier on the Spoiler Card as well. The box was sent a bit later than what they had planned because the blankets they ordered were held back at customs for a month. But it was so worth the wait! I love it so much! I put it in front of my shelves so you could see how large it really is! This one is maybe even a bit too stunning to actually use – I’d love to use it as a wall tapestry in the future for example – but I just can’t not put it on my couch haha. I have to display this beauty so that’s exactly what I’ll be doing.


Overall, I really love the box a lot! Some items I won’t use right away, but there’s not a thing in here that I can’t use, except for the chocolate drink. The chocolate drink will go to a friend of mine as a little surprise in her Christmas package since that’s the one thing I won’t be using myself and I’d rather it goes to someone who’ll probably drink it haha. But especially seeing the price of this box, I’m really content with all of the items in this box. All of it is of such good quality and the designs/artwork is so stunning!


Receiving this box and finally seeing the Faecrate items in real life myself, makes me even more excited now to receive my Queen of Air and Darkness recovery kit box in December. The item reveals for that box have been so awesome already as well I mean; there’ll be a Will Herondale plushie inside it so that alone is worth buying the entire box I think! You’ll definitely be seeing a unboxing of that one on my blog as well in December.

  • Did you buy any Kingdom of Ash boxes? Love to hear which ones and if you put an unboxing online somewhere, let me know so I can check it out. 

With Love,


7 thoughts on “[UNBOXING] Faecrate Kingdom of Ash hangover recovery kit

    1. I wasn’t expecting the a Court of Candles candle so that was a really nice surprise since I love their candles and this particular design is so frigging cool so yeah that was indeed a great item to receive! And stickers are always great to receive as well. Love sticking them on notebooks and such. I also ordered a Queen of Air and Darkness box by this shop so I cannooooot wait for it to arrive since it will also include a plushie and it will be none other than Will Herondale so you can imagine my anticipation! But the other reveals they’ve done so far have been really great as well for that box so Yay, so excited!

      Aside from these special boxes, they also sell regular boxes with a book in them! They’re definitely worth it to check out as well. Unfortunately I have to be selective as to which boxes I buy each month haha and with Flick the Wick and a quarterly box I receive from Illumicrate I can’t add any more to it unfortunately.


    1. It’s indeed a really nice box. Seeing what I’ve payed for the box itself – shipping not calculated since it isn’t fair to rate a box that way I think – it’s amazing how they were able to add all of these items inside this box :O

      Liked by 1 person

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