[UNBOXING] the Darkest Star & LUX inspired pre-order box by TheBookishBox

Earlier this year Jennifer L. Armentrout made it known that the bookish box was going to do a box inspired by the LUX series and the Darkest Star, the first book in the Origin series, the spin-off. My friend Wenda and I love the LUX books so so much, so we decided to buy the box since there isn’t much Lux merchandise to be found and we desperately wanted to get our hands on some. This is my first time ordering a box from this shop.

Last weekend, I received my box and there’s a whole story to it haha: It was delivered to another house in the neighborhood by mistake. Apparently the box was addressed wrongly while I know for sure I added the right address when ordering the box. So I’m really thankful to the people the box was delivered to, since they took the effort of finding out that it belonged to me and reaching out to me so I could pick it up at their home. Unfortunately that wasn’t all that went wrong here haha. It turns out that instead of using my name in the book, the book is signed to LUCIEN, my husband. I think they used his name since it was his PayPal account I paid the box with, but I know that I’ve written down my own name in the form and Wenda’s one as well. So I’m really hoping Wenda has the right name inside her book and not LUCIEN as well, yikes.


Other than that; all of the items got here safely so that’s all that matters in the end, right? lol. Lets get to the unboxing part then!



First, I came across this double sided bookmark that includes the quote ‘The holy trinity of Hot boys’ and every lux fan out there knows the meaning behind this one of course haha. I love it! Love the stars in the background and on the back as well. This bookmark was created by @thebookishshop and it’s the first bookmark of the Lux books I own now, aside from the magnetic ones of Katy & Daemon and some I made myself already, so I’m really happy to add it to my Armentrout shelf.


quote print.jpg

This quote print has one of my favorite LUX quotes on it. Love it so much! This print will definitely be added to my shelves to display. Daemon…sigh *heart eyes. This print was designed by @thebookishshop

  • MUG


I have a small *cough* mug addiction so adding one with an Armentrout quote on it is awesome! This one will definitely be used a lot in the future. This was designed by @bookwormboutique.



Can we just take a second and take in the beauty of this pin? Le sigh. That QUOTE! Love it so much #allthefeels. and the design is just stunning, as always though when @inkandwonder is involved. There are quite a lot of details to be found in this one. Really happy to add it to the collection!



One of the items I was reaaaally curious about is the t-shirt! Obviously I need to iron it first before wearing it – wrinkles everywhere, lol – hahaha. I think this one is going to be used as a PJ shirt since I ordered it a bit too large but I didn’t know as to what size would be a good fit you know? I am super in love with the quote they used because it’s one of my faves. It’s a quote I still love using when writing reviews for example or when I just need to fangirl and express myself over something shocking that happened when reading a book or whatever haha. The shirt itself is of good quality I think. The design isn’t really spectacular but I couldn’t have asked for a more awesome quote to be put onto this shirt. I’m going to love wearing this one!



I love love love receiving candles, especially when they’re as beautiful as this one is. There’s an awesome quote to be found on the side that goes all the way around the candle: “His breath now coasted over my cheek. “I’m not a luxen.” There was another pause. “You….smell”  “Excuse me?”    “You smell like….peaches” So yeah, I’m kind of obsessed with this candle haha. The candle itself looks really beautiful with the green coloring, the stone in it and the added silver stars. And the smell: it’s so frigging good! It smells like candy and apples and it makes me want to eat it hahaha. This candle was made by @whiskeydiamondcandleco.



This pin is an extra and was only available while supplies lasted so obviously I am one of the lucky ones who received one; YAY! Love it so frigging much! The quote on it is awesome and so fitting to this book.



Well, here is the book haha! It’s a stunning hardcover – the size of this hardcover is perfect; not too large and not too small either. But inside it’s really beautiful as well I think. The font that’s being used – forgot to take a pic of it haha, sorry! – is just really stunning. And now my husband has a book signed to him as well, LMAO…

Obviously it was meant to be signed to me, Melissa, but something went wrong here. I’m planning on going to the bottom of this since I’m sure I filled in all of the forms correctly. It isn’t a disaster to me personally persé but since I also ordered a box for Wenda, I’m afraid she’ll be receiving one that’s signed to Lucien as well and I’m not okay with that lol. In the end I can laugh about this, when it’s my own book you know. I’m hoping Wenda will receive her order soon and with her own name inside the book, sigh…



Overall, I think it was a really good box considering there’s a personally signed – forgetting I got the wrong name for a second – book in it alongside the items. The items are all items most merchandise lovers love to receive. The mug is definitely going to be used a lot, I’m sure. The bookmark and quote print are going to be showcased on my Armentrout shelf and the pins will be added to my pin collection.

To me, it was the first time I’d be receiving a T-shirt for example and I really like the fact that it’s a LUX inspired t-shirt. The candle, the Ink and Wonder enamel pin and the T-shirt are my most favorite items in this box! In the future, if there’s another lovable theme being used, I’d definitely consider buying another box from this shop – even though I’m a bit skittish though seeing how they messed up the address and the signing but it’s human to make mistakes and I’m sure it won’t happen to me a second time – I better not say this out loud because with my luck it would happen a second time, LOL.

  • Do you love buying book merchandise? What are your favorite items to receive? Love to hear from you!

With Love,



6 thoughts on “[UNBOXING] the Darkest Star & LUX inspired pre-order box by TheBookishBox

  1. WOW!! This seems like such a nice box! I don’t love book subscription boxes, since I think they are a lot of money considering how much it costs to ship to Canada on top of the exchange rate. But this one seems lovely!

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    1. It really was. I think it’s great they offer pre-order boxes like these in which the items all relate to the book you pre-order and in this case items that relate to the prior written and well loved series as well. Living in the Netherlands, I know what you mean when talking about the expensive shipping 😦 I don’t order that many boxes from the US normally, except for Flick the Wick on a monthly base – with the shipping I pay, I think their items are worth the cost because they are so stunning and of good quality every single time – and this is one of those rare boxes I order every once in a while when I come across a box that revolves around a favorite fandom of mine. So I have to be very selective when ordering other boxes from the US haha. But since there aren’t any LUX inspired book boxes, or haven’t been yet really, I couldn’t pass up on this one ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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