[BOOK REVIEW] All we Want by J. Daniels (Alabama Summer #6)

I couldn’t just not post a review, even though it’s a mini review. This series has come to mean so much to me and this story in particular had me really emotional since I could relate to these characters so so much since some of the things are happening to me and my husband as well. I felt like this book deserved to got a review written on it instead of only being mentioned in my wrap-up so here we go!

The synopsis might be spoilerish if you haven’t read the other books in the series yet, the Luke & Tessa one in particular; All I want. So if you don’t want to get spoiled and want to read the other books first, beware! 

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thumbnail_AllWeWant_Amazon.jpgThe New York Times bestselling Alabama Summer series continues in this sixth installment.

Luke and Tessa Evans are solid.

They’re crazy in love and in this forever, and now, they’re anxiously awaiting the next step.


But when month after month ticks by with nothing but disappointing news, and the stress gets too much to take, their relationship will be tested in ways it’s never been tested before.

When all they want is something they might never have, will their love for each other be enough?

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a beautiful addition to the series in general and a heart wrenching, sometimes really saddening but beautiful homage to one of my fave couples in this series; Luke & Tessa.

Seeing them living through their own nightmares and working towards a HEA was intense and emotional, especially considering I’m living a lot of it myself as well at the moment. This story hits close to home which is probably why I’ve been an emotional mess right from the start. But I couldn’t just not read, you know? I mean, it’s a book about Luke & Tessa! These characters are so preciousssss…

  • In my Goodreads review I posted a spoiler because I needed to talk about something in particular that was extra emotional even though I saw it coming.. But I always hate it when things like that happen in a book haha; they leave me an emotional mess. I can’t put spoilers in my reviews here yet because I can’t blur them since I can’t use plugins at the moment so I won’t give anything away on this. If you really want to see the spoiler you can look up my review on my Goodreads Page

I love that we can always read from dual POV’s. It makes me love the characters even more. I came to love Luke & Tessa early on when I was reading book 1, Where I belong. When reading their own book, All I want, I fell even harder. And I swear I though it wasn’t possible to love Luke even more so, but this book proved me wrong because sigh… Luke stepped up his game even more this time around. His devotion to Tessa is the best and I loved how strong he wanted to be For Her.

Dr. London continues when she gets my eyes. “Please try and stay positive though this. Not only for yourself but for Tessa as well. This is never an easy journey, and more than once, I’ve seen couples let their struggles come between them. I’d hate for that to happen.” 

“That ain’t us. We’re not your other couples.”

“I’m merely saying- this will test you in ways you haven’t been tested before.”

“So test me,” I growl, no longer finding any of this amusing. “Nothing’s coming between me and Tessa.” 

I felt so much for Luke and Tessa in particular as well since I can relate so so much to her in a lot of the things happening in this book. She had to go through so much and this story gives her character even more depth I think because it’s showing a side of her we hadn’t seen before.

And of course, there’s not only Luke & Tessa. The whole gang makes reappearances and I couldn’t be happier about it since I missed all of them a lot and they are just awesome! And Nolan in particular has to be mentioned I think: This kiddo soooo frigging cute. I can’t even with this kid; He gets even more cute with every new book! I cannot wait to see him again in the next Bama book – and I especially can’t wait to read his own book when he’s all grown up *swoooon.

This book broke my heart at first and it was so sad at times but it gives you hope & all the feels as well. I laughed, I cried, I broke apart, I was put back together again and enjoyed every single second spend reading this book, even though it was so intense and emotional to me because of this particular story-line. To every Alabama Summer reader out there; this book is nothing short of amazing! We finally got what we were asking for and J. Daniels couldn’t have written a more powerful follow-up book on this amazing power couple whom we all came to know and love in All I want. This was a typical J. Daniels read that has you all hot and bothered, hanging on by a thread of becoming an emotional basket case and swooning at the same time. So yeah; everything you’d hope for in a J. Daniels read am I right ;)?

“You gotta know, Tessa, if this is it? If we can’t have a kid for whatever reason and it’s just me and you for the rest of our lives? I’m good, Babe. I’m so fuckin’ good. I might not walk around grinning like a fuckin’ idiot every second of the day like Reed does, or get that stupid, fuckin’ dopey look on my face like Ben when he talks about Mia, but I’m right there. I’m just as fucked over you, and nothing’s ever changing that. Kid or no kid. Ask me.”

If you aren’t familiar yet with these books and characters; pleaaaase go check out Where I Belong, the first book in the series and get hooked. You won’t regret it for a second, I promise! J. Daniels has real talent when it comes to writing beautiful romance stories filled with just enough angst, amazing characters and just really great writing. Her writing has me always hooked right from the start and it never lets go. It has you feeling so much while reading the book and you continues thinking and feeling about these characters long after you finished reading. GO READ THE BOOKS ❤

I can’t get enough. I know I never will.
How will it feel years from now? How could I possibly be into this woman any more than I already am?

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Side-Note: Definitely look into some of her other series as well. The Dirty Deeds trilogy for example is so good too! I fell in love so hard with those characters too and love them just as much as I do the characters in this series! Thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice day!

With Love,
Melissa ♥

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