[FRIDAY FIRSTS] the Highlander’s Touch by D.K. Combs

I was in search of a Friday meme article and came across this one over at Tenacious Reader’s blog and fell in love at the spot.


| What kind of article is Friday Firsts? |

It will feature the first few sentences/paragraph of my current book and my first impressions as well. It’s meant to be a quick and easy way to share a bit about what I am reading, and I would love to hear others join in sharing their current reads as well.

The format is really simple. Include a quote. Include first impressions, it will not be a long drawn out analysis of the text or grand speculation of what is to come. Just a brief overview of how I’m feeling about the beginning of the book.


| Today’s Book |

34329740the Highlander’s Touch by D.K. Combs
Genre: Romance, Historical Fiction
Published by Self-published by Author
Pages: 338, paperback

About the Highlander’s Touch:

Terrified of being sent off to marry a man who would only control her, Saeran Sinclair disguises her identity by posing as a male. Instead of being the beauty that she really is, she must help her sister gain “The Lion” of the Highlands favor, even though the feat seems impossible, for every word and look coming from him shows just how feral the man really is.

A deadly Highlander shouldn’t be forced to marry—but that’s exactly what’s happening to Kane “The Lion” Shaw. With a new squire, a leper of a lady living in his keep, and his neighboring highlanders beginning to stir with unease, Kane has a lot on his plate. But a Highlander never surrenders…and ignores the odd feelings his squire stirs inside of him.

When Saeran, posing as a squire, is forced to be around “The Lion”, the roughest, meanest, most barbarian man she’s ever met, she is sure her ruse is hanging by a thread. When he begins to suspect what she really is, she makes the most dangerous decision…and finds that this Highlanders touch makes it harder and harder to deny what is happening between them, even while danger wars around them.

| First Paragraph|

There were times when Saeran Sinclair felt the need to wring some throats.
Right now was one of them.
“Perhaps we should rethink this,” she said, for the hundredth time that morn. Her frustration was barely veiled behind the mask of patience she was forcing herself to use with her sister.
“Nonsense,” Blaine said, for once again, the hundredth time that morn. “We’ve been over this, Sister. ‘Tis for the best. I am doing this to protect you. Can you not be grateful for that? Do you want us to be separated? Is that what you wish?”
“You know that is not my wish. However, I think there is a better way to go about this. What if someone finds out? I don’t have the deepest voice in the Highlands.”
“Many lads have squeaky voices. You’re my younger brother, Sae. not older. ‘Tis nog expected of you to look and sound like a brute.”

“I have breasts,” she said bluntly. Her sister didn’t seem to understand this. She had breasts that were barely hidden with binding, and hair too thick and curly to be kept in the tight bun she decided to make. “He will eventually take notice.”
Blaine gave her a patronizing look. The need to wring her throat rose again. Her sister did not understand at all.
“If you play your part, and help me like you promised, it won’t be a problem. He’ll be under my thumb so firmly, that when we reveal who you really are, he won’t think of sending you away. You can live with us, and life will be well. You’ll see.”

The highlands were beautiful this time of year. With rolling green hills, thick bursts of forests, and flowing rivers… it felt right-like home. It had been so long since Saeran had been to the Highlands.

| First Impressions |

I was quite enamored with this story right from the start to be honest. I liked the writing right away – I’ve read a book written by this author which was completely different but I loved her writing so much then as well -, and I love what I’ve already come across in regards to the Historical fiction elements, like the settings and the characters and their way of living and interacting with one another and so on.

So yeah; so far, I feel positive about this book and I hope it’ll continue being an enjoyable read. Since I loved Atlantis: the King’s return so much, I have quite some expectations regarding the writing, so I’m really hoping this book won’t let me down haha.

So far, I dare say that I think this is a fun read to anyone who likes Historical Fiction (Scottish men/Highlanders) and romance.


What are you reading right now and did it start out good or not? What are your first thoughts about your current read? Love to hear from you.

With Love,
Melissa ♥

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