Russell’s eyes finally fall on me, and I’m assessed with a look of cool indifference. Blue eyes meet mine for only a moment. He doesn’t even do a once-over. The expression on his face is unreadable and austere. I might as well be gum on the bottom of his shoe.

Ever since finding out Rachel was writing this book, I was beyond excited and that’s putting it mildly – you can ask my (Instagram) friends because it was all I could talk about haha. I always think that I can’t get More excited about a new book release by this author, but in the end she always exceeds those expectations and HOTSHOT DOC was no exception to this (You’ll see what I mean when you read the synopsis: So good!), which makes me so very happy!

So yeah: this is definitely, in my opinion then, another HIT for R.S. Grey when it comes to this newest release, that has you feeling all feels! Such well developed and lovable characters are present in this story, there’s a fast-paced story-line with some really interesting (Hospital) settings (and this will give you all the Grey’s Anatomy Feels, YASyasYAS!) and then there’s Grey’s flawless and phenomenal writing, as always. I really couldn’t be happier about how this book turned out!

I was one of the lucky, who received an ARC of this book in exchange of me leaving an honest review. I feel so privileged for having had the change on multiple occasions now to ‘work’ together with this author on cover reveals and helping spread the love for her books by writing reviews. I always feel honored when getting the opportunity to read a book by a favorite author before it’s release and this one in particular since it was my most highly anticipated R.S. Grey releases to this date!

Side note: Sorry if there are (a lot) of grammar faults in this review. 1. I’m Dutch and English isn’t my native language and 2. I just was too enthusiastic when writing this review to really bother to check it all afterward, because I just wanted to share my thoughts on this book with you guys ASAP. *shrugs* ah well, grammar faults and whatnot, you’ll probably will understand what I all wrote down, if you can see through my inner fangirl freak out mode, lol.



Dr. Russell has a bad reputation around our hospital. The scrub techs say he’s cold-blooded, the nurses say he’s too cocky for his own good, and the residents say he’s the best surgeon in the world—really, just a swell guy!—on the off chance he’s within earshot.

I try to avoid him and his temper at all costs. It’s just as easy to admire his sexy, grip-it-while-he’s ravishing-you hair and chiseled jaw from a healthy distance, preferably from the other end of the hallway half-hidden behind a plant.

Unfortunately, my plan crumbles when my trusty ol’ boss decides to swap his white coat for a Hawaiian shirt. His retirement leaves me with two terrible options: switch specialties and spend months retraining, or take an open position as Dr. Russell’s surgical assistant.

That means I have to stand near him in the OR for hours on end and anticipate his every need without letting his biting words and bad attitude intimidate me. Oh, and as if that’s not difficult enough, my silly crush on him—the one I’ve tried to stomp on until it disappears—might just be reciprocated.

It’s fine.
I’m fine.

I take my job seriously. There will be no smoldering bedroom eyes across the operating table, no angry almost-kisses in the storage closet. (Well, no more of those.)

What’s the phrase? An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Maybe I should go for a whole damn bushel.

〉I mean; how can you not get excited when you read that synopsis? Tell me! Because I don’t think it’s possible haha!



Where to start? So much to say haha! I really loved every aspect of this book and saying this just feels like I’m down playing it haha. I wish it was sometimes easier to express my feelings when they run so deep after reading a book like this! But yeah; wether it’s the storyline, the characters, the romance or the writing. It was all so frigging good!

I really loved the hospital/doctor jargon a lot, because Grey has written it down so that it is 100% understandable to everyone and it still comes across like it’s really professionally showcased you know? It’s like reading Grey’s Anatomy without ALL of the drama that’s present in the show and just the right amount of Everything like the settings (like the OR rooms as well as the lounges) and the Doctor jargon (the medical stuff). Grey just picked out the best parts of a Hospital setting like this and made it feel real and believable without it being ‘too much to handle’.

 | the Characters |

I’ve had no problem whatsoever falling in love with these characters because I liked them so so much right from the start, all of them. Wether I’m talking about our main characters Bailey and Matt or some of the minor characters present as well, like Bailey’s sister Josie or Matt’s brother Cooper. I think reading from both Bailey and Matt’s POV also really helped. Both their POV’s were the same amount of amazing but each of those POV’s really adds different things to this story in their own, unique way and I loved that so much.

“Josie, if you’ll excuse us, I need to have a word with your sister.”
“No se will not ex-“
Josie janken her book back to her side of the table and stars to flip through to find her page, unbothered by Matt’s grip on my arm. “You’re excused.”
Choosing Harry Potter over her own flesh and blood?! 
I would do the same, but how dare she?

Bailey is such a joy to read about and I loved reading her experiences throughout this story. She had me laughing out loud so many times. Sometimes because of things I just couldn’t believe she’d actually do, but were really funny to me. And sometimes because things happening to her are just recognizable to me when it comes to awkward situations or things like that. So yeah: she’s funny but she’s also caring, good at her job (despite the fact that it sometimes seems like the universe is against her, poor thing haha) and a little feisty and therefore exactly what Matt needs at this moment in time. I mean, she definitely needs a good and solid backbone when sparring with this intense Doctor who seems hellhound on making her life difficult and doesn’t give her an inch hihi. So she really couldn’t be a weak egg like Kirk who ran away crying after 2 weeks of working with Dr. HOTSHOT.

I haven’t been around many men like Dr. Russell in my life. Standing close to him in a quiet hallway was thrilling in the same way a death-defying rollercoaster is thrilling… Maybe one that hasn’t been inspected in a while, made of rickety wood and squeaky iron bars. I was fairly sure I wouldn’t survive the ride, but something made me want to step right up anyway. 

I have so much respect for this character because of all that’s going on in her life and has been in the past. She still has managed to do so many good things already in her 26 years of age. And I really respect the hell out of her for the way she handles things, all things, in this book. She’s the embodiment of a strong, confident women (even though she definitely has her moments of weakness which made me love her even More) who won’t let herself be held back by anything but is deep down also in want of having someone being ‘there’ for her, you know? I loved those little cracks in her armor and seeing her vulnerable side as well sometimes. And I especially loved seeing how she finds what she unconsciously was looking for in Matt, the person she’d least expected to ever fall for (She definitely established early on how hot he was, but I mean falling for his personalty since he’s known as being so vile and mean in his OR)

His eyes are the clearest blue, like that White Walker general in Game of Thrones. Fitting comparison considering they also share a similar personality.

And Matt… oooomygod! *Beep. Intercom turns on. nurse stars speaking* “Dr.Russell to go to Melissa’s room immediately. THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.” (so she can have her way with you… in a closet, or in a bed, or wherever really. She’s not picky really. Just be prepared to be climbed like a tree as soon as you enter her room, so she can have her wicked way with you. Thank you.)

“How are you going to do the case without a surgical assistant?” Dr. Goddard asks, needling me again. I want to ask him how he manages to look in the mirror in the mornings without punching the glass. We all have our unanswered questions. 

I already loved Bailey A LOT and as I said, she adds so much to this story in her own ways, but I loved reading from Matt’s pov even more so. Maybe because he was set to be this HE-devil right from the bat and I just found it amazing to get to know him better by reading his POV and then find out that HE IS PERFECTION, really? (For all Grey’s Anatomy fangirls: This is McDreamy and McSteamy and all of the other delicious doctors prancing around in the show, combined in one awesome book boyfriend package) Don’t know haha but I do know that he is fan-freaking-tastic and I fell so frigging hard for this guy. I frigging loved how dedicated he is to his work and that he chose to specialize in surgery on children (yeah; there is a LOT to fall for here when it comes to our HOTDOC and him making children’s lives better is the cherry on top of the cake, le sigh).

Fiona sits beside her mom, tucked in the oversized leather chair, making a little doll dance on her lap. At first, she leans awkwardly against one of the chair’s armrests, but when she sees me, she tries and fails to sit up straight. A deep frown cuts across her chubby-cheeked face. Seeing that small struggle ensures I’ll go through with this procedure even if it kills me. She deserves to have someone fighting for her, and if Kirt is too much of a pansy to do it with me, I’ll find someone else who will.

And I love how ‘human’ he remains as a character, seeing how he isn’t always a perfect guy despite me saying he is perfect, lol. But deep down there’s so much goodness inside of him and that’s what counts, the way he acts in the moments that matter show what hes made of and that’s why I love this guy so so much. I also really loved reading about him opening up when Bailey is hellbent on cracking his shell and succeeds on occasion. Yeah, this hotshot doc made my knees go week and had my heart working overtime when it was falling in love with him. Every time I think Grey has written her Best male protagonist, she bests herself by introducing me to a new favorite *Waves at Matt/dr. HOTSHOT

“You’re soaked,” Bailey says, stating the obvious.
I glanzend in the rearview mirror to see what she sees.
Soaked hair falling across my forehead, annoyed scowl paired with a grimace — I look like an emotional vampire.

And aside from our main characters, I also, really much so, loved the family relationships in this book and the minor characters who made an appearance. Bailey and Josie, sisters in crime, are so frigging awesome together and they embody the sister-relationship perfectly I think. They fight, they make up, THEY WATCH GREY’S ANATOMY TOGETHER (Helloooo #SisterGoals) and they are exactly what you’d expect them to be when you have a 26 year old and a 14 year old living together haha. Josie is such a precious character and I had no problem loving this character because she is thankfully not one of those 14 year olds who has to fight the reins constantly you know? Josie was sweet and pure and funny and she fitted into this story perfectly. I would so love to read a book about her when she’s in her early twenties for example. I love to believe she’d have the most amazing adventures when it comes to going to college for example or finding her way in a relationship. Yes, I’m all aboard the Josie train!!!! Gimme more please.

Josie’s eyes widened when she was me as I was leaving the house.
“WHOA! Who knew you were so hot?!”
“It’s not too much?” I asked, trying to tug down the hemline.
“Are you kidding? If I had boobs like that, I’d never wear clothes.”
“It’s scary because I don’t even think you’re kidding. Also, I didn’t have these when I was your age either. There’s still hope for you.”

And the same goes for Cooper really, Matt’s brother! I loved this sneaky bastard – you’ll find out soon enough why I call him sneaky haha because that’s not something I can elaborate on because of spoilers so yeah: READ THIS BOOK. I really liked him right from the bat. He and Matt are typical brothers I believe, in the best ways possible as well. They agitate each other and are ready to provide each other with some black eye’s one moment, but it’s obvious there’s brotherly love present as well and their banter and dialogues were to die for! For example:

“We hit it off. There was this instant connection. You get it. You probably feel the same way when you get a new medical device, this sort of excitement down in your loins,”
His eyebrows are wagging suggestively and I’m seconds away from smashing his face into the floor.
“That’s really funny Coop,” I tease, reaching out for his shoulder and squeezing a little too tight. “I wonder if that doctor up in Cincinnati would be put off by a black eye?”

| Ready for a sexy and well developed romance? |

Knowing this was going to be a haters-to-lovers romance made me so excited. Especially knowing it would be with an arrogant, stick up your ass, hot doctor being present – Which is basically Why I was so frigging excited to read about it hehe. Grey did not disappoint on delivering a beautifully developed and in-depth romance. The banter between these two characters was great and them fighting their attraction at first made for a really great build-up because it was all really palpable and enthralling and addictive. Because aside from knowing how good this author is when it comes to adding a lot of amazing humor to the story for example, this author’s strength is also writing believable romances. Gradually developing romance that takes its time to place its roots so deeply into your heart, that when its grounded, it never lets go anymore.

“So, there’s no hope for us? As friends?”
“No, there’s no hope.”

And this romance gradually evolving into something soul-crushingly beautiful, was just what I was hoping for. I loved how Matt especially wormed his way into Bailey and Josie’s life and how he fit so perfectly into their little family. At first, this romance started off with sparks and firework because of the banter between the two, but it develops into a beautiful burning and steady flame that had my heart do crazy things in my chest and it made me BELIEVE. Believe this was so very real. I think the author did an unbelievable job on writing down a really beautiful adult relationship/romance and I love how low-angst it was. Sure, there’s a bit of angst to be found in this book, but overall it just really focuses on a good story-line and romance development which was just perfect to me.



I Finished this book in one sitting, late into the night, because I just couldn’t.stop.reading!
I love how Grey always, and I mean aaaalways succeeds in exceeding my expectations! I feel like I keep repeating myself every time, when writing new reviews for this author when it comes to my hardcore fangirling, but that only shows how talented of a writer she is; that I just can’t stop falling in love so HARD when reading each and every one of her books and that I can’t stop myself from fangirling about them non-stop!

“You’re married to your job.”
His eyes sweep up to me and he doesn’t hesitate before replying,
“Yeah, well maybe that’s not good enough anymore.”

This is Romcom at its best and this is definitely R.S. Grey at her best as well. For those of you who are already familiar with her work; You will know what I mean by saying this. And if you aren’t familiar with this author yet, this book is The perfect one to start reading then, because it’ll have you hooked to her writing right from the very first page and from then on you’re lost into this story. Let yourself fall in love with this story and these a-ma-zing characters and just basically; let yourself be amazed by this new R.S. Grey that I’m sure is going to have you all swooning after December 6th when the book releases and you make the time to read it. This is one of the rare books I’ve read in one-sitting and I dare you to find out if it’ll be a one-sitting read to you as well!

Every time when I read a new R.S. Grey book, I feel like I found my new favorite book by her and it’s so true yet again. This book topped Scoring Wilder, Arrogant Devil, and Not so nice Guy, which were my favorites by this author so far. Matt dethrone all of the prior written male protagonists so fast, that nobody saw it coming, lol. Yep, I’m a goner for Matt! ♥


For now I leave you by saying this:

◊ Add this book to your tbr
(because seriously: everyone needs Matt and Bailey in their world! E V E R Y O N E!
◊ If you haven’t put in a pre-order already and are awaiting the book to being delivered today, you should buy it right now!
(because seriously: you need to read this book A S A P and release date is the perfect day to buy it and start reading it!)

This is RomCom at its best and it’s a book that made it to my favorites list in no time and I.can’t.recommend.it.enough! I hope you liked reading my review, that it was understandable because to me it feels like I’m All over the place haha and I really hope it made you want to buy this book! Go support this amazing author. I promise you that you won’t regret it! 

With Love,
Melissa ♥

20 thoughts on “[BOOK REVIEW] HOTSHOT DOC by R.S. Grey

    1. ahh thank you!! I recommend it a lot! From December 3rd until December 6th there’ll be a special preorder offer. The e-book over on Amazon is available then for a reduced price! After December 6th (release date) it goes back to normal price.


    1. Thank you! I felt like mentioning it because I know that a lot of medical jargon isn’t that interesting for a lot of readers. But this was really well balanced out I think so readers who normally tend to be skittish around this, shouldn’t be with this read I think 🙂


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