WWW Wednesday is a weekly book meme article I love to write. In this article, I’ll tell you about what book(s) I last finished reading, What book(s) I’m currently reading and What I’m planning to read next. I also love to hear what all of your WWW’s are so feel free to leave a reply! Happy Reading!


HOTSHOT DOC BY R.S. Grey is one of my recently finished reads. I received an ARC of this highly anticipated romcom and the moment it appeared on my kindle, I put everything aside and started reading. This was the most highly anticipated upcoming release by the author to this date – which is saying a lot since I was anticipating her other releases sooo much as well in the past. I am forever grateful for having had the opportunity of reviewing books by this author in the past, including this one. This book is due to release TOMORROW and at this very moment – until December 6th – there’s an awesome pre-order special price set on this book so go grab it now!

〉 Read my spoiler free review of HOTSHOT DOC here 〈

I also finished reading the Seasons of Sorcery anthology by Amanda Bouchet, Jeffe Kennedy, Grace Draven and Jennifer Estep. I’d definitely recommend reading this one if you’re into fantasy romance and if you love to discover new to you authors, if you aren’t familiar with them yet. And if you Are familiar with them yet, it’s just so much fun reading something new by these authors.

〉 Read my spoiler free review here 〈

And I finished reading #3-8 of the Ghosts of the Shadow Market novella’s by Cassandra Clare and others. I preferably wanted to finish reading these novella’s before the release of Queen of Air and Darkness but I was sure that I couldn’t pull it off in time anymore. But somehow, I finished reading the last one that was published, #8, yesterday evening when I wasn’t expecting to finishing it yet, so YAY me! Because you know what that means right?


So… I can happily say that I am reading this long awaited final installment of the Dark Artifices trilogy right now – like, literally right now because I decided to skip my household chores until this afternoon when Milan gets home from school and until he gets home, it’s just me and this book, a blanket and a cup of tea and nothing else. So basically: heaven. Well, happily… I’ve cried like non-stop during the first chapters. I was warned by Isabelle beforehand and I was expecting it to be emotional seeing how Lord of Shadows ended, but it was rough. I’m feeling so raw right now and I still have over 800 pages left to read haha.

So, yeah, Queen of Air and Darkness. You’ve seen me talking about this book a lot probably if you’ve read any of my recent articles, lol. This is one of my most highly anticipated books of the year if not The most anticipated one alongside Kingdom of Ash. It felt like I was waiting Forever for this book to release. I mean, I got Lord of Shadows 11 days prior to its release back in May 2017 and I was finished within a couple of days back then. I’ve been waiting and dreading the release of Queen of Air and Darkness ever since.

And now it’s finally time for me to read the conclusion to this story and I don’t think I’m ready actually to finish this trilogy? Clare has been so good in ruining me emotionally in the past, and especially with the final installment books she’s written, so I’m positive this book is going to destroy me in the worst and best possible meaning of the word, lol.



Well, I actually don’t want to look forward to my next read yet if that’s okay? lol. I want to treasure reading my current read as much as possible and I don’t want to look forward to a nearby future in which I’m already done reading Queen of Air and Darkness… So for now, I leave this open and we’ll see what happens after finishing this huge as monster of a book that pas 912 pages ❤

So that’s my WWW Wednesday for this week! I’m really excited to hear about the books you’ve just finished reading, currently reading and planning on reading next. Love to hear from you. Have a nice Wednesday lovelies!

With Love,
Melissa ♥

17 thoughts on “[WWW WEDNESDAY] #6

  1. boekenwormmam

    I’m reading the poppy war and Fianna’s awaking at the moment. Although I’m not sure I’ll finish the first one right away because the bearded man is coming to our home today and he may bring me new books haha,. So after those books I don’t know what I’m going to read. I finished Royal Trials by Tate James a reverse harem I highly recommend because it was really entertaining and that cliffhanger ending won’t leave my thoughts.


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