[SHOP-LOG] November ’18

In this shop-log, I’ll be showing some stuff I bought throughout the month that isn’t book-related. I love looking at shop-logs on blogs, always have, so I thought I’d start publishing them over here as well once in a while – which I also did on my old blog.

So today I’m showing you some of the some of stuff that I bought lately.


I came across these winter boots @VanHaren and couldn’t resist them since they were priced really well > €16. I was looking for some warm foot wear anyway, since I have to stand watch at Milan’s soccer practice twice a week for over an hour each training and my toes are freezing off every single time, lol. I hope these will help prevent that from happening in the future haha.



I came across these cabinets over @Action and couldn’t resist them. They’re €7 each which is not much at all I think. At the moment, there’s some Christmas deco on it, but I also use them to take bookish pictures. Really happy that I came across these!


When I was shopping with a friend after lunch, earlier this month, I came across this Supertrash bag they were selling @Kruidvat and I fell in love. I have such a weakness when it comes to bags haha. I was looking for a smaller shoulder bag for a while now, and I just think it was fate intervening here, lol. So yeah, this beauty came home with me for €15


And I was also in search of a little money/card pouch in which I could take some money and cards with me. A pouch that would fit in smaller bags as well and when I was @Kruidvat, this one was there for just €2,49 so how could I not take it with me? Right! It isn’t the most stunning thing to look at but it is practical and exactly what I was looking for, so that’s just perfect I think!


When we were at Disneyland Paris on November 23rd/24th/25th I was determined not to buy any more mugs. I tell myself this every time I go to Disney and so far I’ve never held myself to it so why do I still bother? Because they had new stuff added to the shops since the last time we’ve been there – some months ago, August I believe – so how could I not take this Bambi mug home with me? It shows Bambi, Thumper and Flower and they own my heart. I think this mug is so cute and precious. It also has a tea bag holder thingy that came along with it which has ‘Disneyland Paris’ on it and a little squirrel! I’m in love! I bought this one for €13.


Okay, so officially I don’t even have a Pandora bracelet yet, lol. But… I’ll be receiving one for Christmas. So when I heard from someone over on Instagram that there was a Pandora shop @ Disneyland Paris which sells solely Disney related charms and what not, I just couldn’t not buy anything there – how I haven’t seen this shop before is beyond me, since we are regular Disney visitors, but okay, lol. Instead of buying a charm – which were all so very amazing and choosing is just impossible! – I decided to buy this Safety Chain, which is to hold the charms in place. Okay, so I haven’t gotten any charms yet which need to be hold in place – since the bracelet itself was already quite expensive my husband and I agreed to not add any charms to it this Christmas yet – but I thought it would be great to start with this one. I just love the design so much already and to be honest; I didn’t even know at first that this was designed like this to function as a safety chain. I just chose it because I loved how it looked on the bracelet they were displaying in the shop, lol. I don’t know if you can see it properly in this picture but there are small diamond Mickey’s on both ends and it’s just so frigging cute! Can’t wait till Christmas arrives and I can add it to the bracelet and wear it.

This safety chain costs €69, which is a lot of money you spent all at once but it’s silver so you can treasure it for the rest of your life. So in comparison, it’s actually cheaper as the charm bracelet of Harry Potter that I bought at the Studios in London in September for example, which is Already changing colors because it isn’t real silver – and I hate it because I loved the HP charms and the bracelet and hoped it’d last a bit longer than 2 months, ugh… I paid, roughly said, €45 on that one for example.


bath salts.jpg

I love Kneipp products so when I was @Kruidvat earlier this week and saw that everything of Kneipp was 1+1 (you buy 1 and get 1 for free) I knew I couldn’t walk past that aisle without buying something from their bath collection haha. I wanted to buy some bath salt for a friend of mine anyways and getting myself a new fragrance to add to the collection, is always a good thing lol.

So I bought 2 cans of bath salt; one smelling like Cherry Blossom and one smelling like Eucalyptus – loooove that smell. Normally they cost €8,09 each so now I’ve only paid €4,05 per box, so that’s a great deal I think seeing they’re quite large as well!


bruno bannani.jpg

I was in need of some new parfum and normally I always buy Bruno Banani because I really like the smell and it’s also not that expensive in comparison to a lot of other brands. Last year I tried buying a Guess parfum online, without being able to smell it, because it was cheap and I thought ‘Its a good brand, I’m sure it’ll smell fine, right?’ Guess again haha. I hated that smell, yikes. So I better stick to what I know in this case and just smell the one I do know smells good – to me.

And as it may be, Kruidvat – a sort of drugstore here in the Netherlands – had 40% off on all bruno banani parfums, so yay for me haha! Of course, I couldn’t pass up on buying one. I bought the smallest one, of 20 ml, but I’m thinking about going back and buy a larger one as well for when the small one is empty, since it’s a really nice sale. In the end I payed €9,59 for it.

So that’s a wrap! What non-bookish stuff did you buy last month, that you are incredibly happy with to having purchased. Love to hear from you and thank you for reading!

With Love,
Melissa ♥

8 thoughts on “[SHOP-LOG] November ’18

    1. haha yeah, the shop exists since October ’17 I saw. And since we’re ‘regulars’ now as well (Looking back, from the moment the shop was opened; we’ve been there 4 times now since October ’17 and the shop was already there at that time for example), I should’ve paid better attention I guess, lol. Especially seeing how we spent a lot of time in that particular shop in the studios in which the pandora section is located as well, every time we’re there, lol. We’re going back in February so I’ll definitely pay the shop another visit then, whoop whoop.

      The card holder proves really practical! It comes in handy when I bring a smaller purse with me or no purse at all and just want to keep the cards/money in my coat/jacket for example XD


  1. jenchaos76

    I love the boots. I have so many pairs of boots it makes my fiancee angry that I have this obsession. But he can’t talk! He buys computer stuff all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yeah I loooove buying shoes as well! I was looking for some warm boots for when I have to stand outside when Milan has his soccer training twice a week. My feet were freezing off, lol. So far, these boots keep my feet a lot warmer, so yay! And they were so cheap, so double yay haha!

      And indeed; everyone their own haha. The guys buy computer stuff and what not – I have a gamer here. But ok; I have a book obsessions, bags obsession, shoes obsession and many more, so I would totally understand it if my hubby would say ‘enough is enough’ hahaha I just can’t help myself sometimes, sigh.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jenchaos76

        I bought a purse online on impulse only to receive it and not like it. I kept it though. I bought my first Uggs and let me tell you, they are everything people say they are and totally worth the money spent. I got blue ones to which my fiancee said I was really weird.
        I also love jeans. I can’t get enough of them. I have 40 pairs, most don’t fit because I recently gained some weight. But I simply cannot give them up.


      2. haha I understand the urge of not being able to give up on clothes. I’m guilty of doing that as well, although very recently I finally got rid of everything that really didn’t fit anymore and I’m really happy I did that haha.

        I was thinking about getting Uggs, but I had already spent so much money lately and with Christmas around the corner and all that… Maybe someday? haha! My grandmother lived in Australia for 5 years and my mother was born there for example. They came back to the Netherlands after that but my grandmother went back to visit some friends she made in AUS when I was younger and when she came home, she brought us back these slippers that were stuffed with sheep wool. The designs are a bit similar to the original Uggs actually, so I wouldn’t put it past me, if they were the predecessor of the Uggs haha. I’ve loved wearing them so so much; they were so warm and of such good quality! They lasted for years! So I really want to buy some Uggs someday as well. My current boots are made of synthetic filling, so they’re definitely not as warm as Uggs would be, but for now they’ll do haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. jenchaos76

        I got mine on Zappos.com. You can also find good prices on Amazon. I have the synthetic boots also and I can definitely feel the difference


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