[UNBOXING] Flick the Wick November 2018: Shadowhunters

Today’s the day I finally received my Flick the Wick November box. This Flick the Wick box is one of my most anticipated boxes made by them thus far. I am obsessed with everything shadowhunters as some of you might know, so when FtW announced that the November theme was going to be Shadowhunters I couldn’t be More Happy!

I’ve already spoiled myself by looking at unboxings of this box on Instagram because I was just too excited haha! And living in the Netherlands often means that I have to wait a bit longer before receiving my box, as was the case with this one. But myyyy god, this box was so worth the wait!

Let me show you guys what was inside this month’s amazing Flick the Wick merchandise box!


As always, there’s a specific box design and since this month’s theme is shadowhunters the box design has all kind of Runes on it. Could I be any more in love with it? Nope!! Just stunning, absolutely stunning. And as always, there’s a quote to be found on the box as well, this time one of my favorite Clare quotes saying …

box quotekopie.jpg

I’m planning to create space for a 3rd Shadowhunter shelf on one of my bookcases and I can’t wait to showcase this stunning box on it!


spoiler cardkopie

As always, there’s a beautiful quote print on the back side of the spoiler card. I basically love every single one of Clare’s quotes, so the one used on the spoiler card is no exception. ‘There was beauty in the idea of freedom, but it was an illusion. Every human heart was chained by love.” 



I am always so in love with the double sided art prints in the Flick the Wick boxes. There’s always a quote print to be found on one side and an art print to be found on the other side. The quote print, designed by @Dreamyandco is one of Clare’s most famous quotes and I think every reader out there can appreciate this one, right? ‘One must always be careful of books and what is inside them, for words have power to change us.”

tid artkopie.jpg

And I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am with the artwork that’s to be found on the other side. These three precious characters have come to mean the world to me and being able to add this stunning artwork of them to my collection is something I’m so happy about. The artwork is done by the amazing @taratjah who is one of my most favorite artists. She also designed the Will/Tessa/Jem tarot cards that were inside an Illumicrate box some months ago for example. So yeah; I really couldn’t be happier with this and I may even shed a tear or two upon receiving this item – no shame.


Can you ever have enough tote bags? I think not. I have to be honest here and tell you that I do have preferences when it comes to tote bags since they often vary in quality, looking back to those I’d already received in the past in boxes from other companies. The quality of this particular bag is really, really good. Like the ones you buy from redbubble and society6 good so I am really frigging happy with that. I loooove the design of this one so so much. I can keep staring at it forever! I may even have cuddled this bag a time or two when picking it out of the box. And I also really love the measurements of this bag. They’re not quite standard. Instead of being square it’s more rectangular and I just love how it looks this way! I cannot wait to use this bag – and it’s going to be used a lot, I’m sure of it! Artwork is by the amazing @stellabookishart.


Art prints are not for everyone, but I really can’t get enough of beautiful artwork which displays favorite characters of mine, from favorite fandoms/worlds. Receiving this one of Emma & Julian makes me so happy! I’ve just finished reading Queen of Air and Darkness so the FEELS I have for these two characters is so frigging strong at the moment haha so this couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s so stunning and it’s a really sturdy print as well, which deserves to be appreciated and loved. I cannot wait to put a beautiful frame around it and hang it on a wall someday, hopefully soon. Artwork by @monolimeart


Wooden bookmarks have become a new obsession of mine so seeing there’s one added to this box had me squealing in delight. I’ve collected quite some beautiful woodmarks so far, but I have to say that this is my absolute favorite from now on! HANDS DOWN… I have no words to describe the beauty of this design. I love it so frigging much and I’m going to treasure it forever! Designed by @loveyoumorestudio 


And Flick the Wick keeps on surprising me. Because all of the items so far have been amazing I think and then there’s still so much more to unwrap and gush about. Like this frigging awesome Runes bracelet!!!! HOW STUNNING IS THIS?! Charm bracelets have become favorites of mine in the past year. I love wearing them and I seriously wanted a Runes bracelet for so long now but just never got around to buy one. Receiving this one makes me so happy. I’m already wearing it as we speak and I’m wearing it proudly. I am so in love with it! It’s quite sturdy too, so I hope it’ll last a long time. Curated by @FlicktheWick


YES, a new Flick the Wick Tea! I love their Tea’s so much – the ones I received through time so far – and the cute tin boxes they use to put the tea in as well as the awesome sticker design. Magnus Bane’s potion tea smells delicious and I can’t wait to try it out later today! Curated by @FlicktheWick


This one couldn’t have come at a better time. With the winter closing in, my lips are in desperate need of lip balm and I cannot wait to use this one. It smells delicious and how cool is it that I can carry my own ‘Witchlight stone’ with me everywhere I go. Really happy with this! Curated by @FlicktheWick

And last, but definitely not least… the candles! As always, there are 3 smaller candles in tin boxes and there’s 1 large candle in a glass jar.

  • CANDLES – smaller ones

Flick the Wick truly never disappoints, wether it’s about the non-candle items or the candles themselves. These three smaller candles are, as always, so stunning and they smell delicious, each and every one of them!

There’s the ‘New York Institute’ candle in a stunning blue color, smelling like Violet, Cranberry, Musk and Butter.

There’s a ‘Jace & Clary’ candle in a stunning reddish/orange coloring, smelling like Sandalwood, Amber, Jasmine and Berries.

And then there’s a ‘Shadow World’ candle, smelling like Herbs, Mandarin, Dark Musk and Myrrh.

I wish you guys could smell these fragrances through your screen! The Flick the Wick candle smells are something you should all be able to experience smelling, because they always smell so so good! And did you get a good look at the sticker designs? So awesome!! Really happy with these three new beautiful candles that I can add to my shadowhunter shelves now.

  • CANDLE – a large one

And last, but definitely not least… Here’s the large candle and I love this one so so so soooo much! It says ‘Parabatai. wherever we are, we are as one.’ *Insert crying. All the feels. All the frigging feels. Parabatai has so much meaning in these books, in so many different ways and reading about Parabatai, wether it’s about the most beautiful side of the Parabatai bond or the most tragic side of it… It’s always emotional to me, reading about this beautiful ‘thing’ that Clare has created inside the shadowhunter world. I am so happy I received this candle. Did you see the sticker design? It has runes all over it and in the background you can also see the artwork of the spines of the newest published covers. It’s just stunning! And of course, it smells amazing. It smells like Teakwood, Berries and Clover.


Is it strange when I say I’m feeling emotional? I mean… This specific fandom, this shadowhunter world has become Everything to me over the years, even before I discovered Sarah J. Maas’s books, there was Clare and her shadowhunters. This is a world I love returning to so so much and it has become even more precious to me than the Harry Potter world over the years. Yeah, I know potter heads; blasphemy… But ah well, it is what it is haha. Clare’s written words have touched me in such a way that I don’t think there’ll ever be an author that will equal this. So receiving items inspired by this amazing world, these precious characters, is such a joy. And Flick the Wick never disappoints, ever. Sure, I have my favorites among their boxes. This box… this box is already one of my most favorite merchandise boxes, ever, regardless which company I bought the box from.


Some of you may be thinking; but… there are quite some items that are regularly to be found in other boxes like art print, tote bags, woodmarks, lip balm. Yes, a lot of these items, are items that you’ve already seen in so many boxes over the years. But I think it’s the designs that are being used and the quality of the items that make the difference as to wether the items are remarkable and memorable. And the items in this box are both remarkable and memorable I think. They’re all items which are already precious to me. Sure, my intense and deep love for everything Shadowhunter is maybe clouding my judgement? I don’t know haha.. Could be, but ah well – not sorry ;). But aside from that, there’s really no denying the fact that the items are again, as always, of really good quality and that’s why I always rant about Flick the Wick and love receiving their items. And no, I’m no rep or anything, just a loyal customer that’s in love with what this company puts together every month!

I hope you liked seeing this unboxing and thanks for reading! Did you buy this one as well or another merchandise box that I should check out for example? Love to hear from you!

With Love,
Melissa ♥





22 thoughts on “[UNBOXING] Flick the Wick November 2018: Shadowhunters

    1. Thank you for the reply 🙂 They have always really great ‘themes’. Last month’s box was inspired by the Illuminae Files for example and next month’s box is inspired by Laini Taylor’s Strange the Dreamer books.


    1. Ahh yes I’m sure she would’ve loved that! Thankfully it’s a really popular fandom so there are lots of companies who create shadowhunter inspired items. She should look some up on etsy for example. There’s so much awesome shadowhunter stuff to be found ❤ Thanks for your reply 🙂


    1. candles and tote bags are indeed so awesome! and wooden bookmarks are such a great new invention I think haha! I never really use them while reading though, but I just love showcasing them on my shelves, lol. Thanks for your reply! I’m going to check out your blog later today as well 🙂


  1. UM THIS BOOK SUBSCRIPTION BOX IS EVERYTHING! I need to look into this! I haven’t read the Shadowhunters series yet! I have wanted to read it forever! So jealous of all the hype surrounding the new one! I really enjoyed this post! I am following you girlfriend!


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