And yet again, this tag was found over at the Bookdutchesses blog. I think I’m going to have to mention them every single Time, seeing most of the tags I did so far were originated from their blog hahaha!

But seriously; how could I not do this tag? It’s a tag in which I get to talk about Shadowhunter characters. It’s sometimes terrible that you have to choose between three characters or your favorite love triangle and pick your favorite, and so on, but still… It’s a shadow hunter tag, so how could I not?

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And just for fun; you have to appoint points to #teamTID, #teamTMI or #teamTDA when answering the questions. So, if your answer is you choosing a character or whatever from the TID books, #teamTID gets 1 point, etc. At the end of the TAG you’ll find out which #team most suits you and you get a matching badge!

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Spoiler Warning: There are some spoilers if you haven’t read the books up to Lord of Shadows, so proceed only if you have read everything yet or if you don’t mind being spoiled!

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⌈ Favorite main character:
Clary, Tessa or Emma?

Well… It was quite obvious to me from the start, that Clary wouldn’t be picked here as my most favorite main character. I liked her, but in comparison to Tessa, I’d never favor her over Tessa. So that leaves Tessa and Emma…

Both these main characters were so interesting right from the start, for different reasons. I like Tessa’s character development throughout all the books and the journey of her finding out ‘who and what’ she is exactly, was so well developed I think and I just loved reading about that a lot.

But in the end, Emma dethroned her, ever since the moment when I started Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows. Emma is one of the most interesting Shadowhunter characters I’ve come across so far. I love her strength, honor and loyalty. She’s badass but she has a vulnerable side as well. I feel like Tessa is more of a mellowed out character when I compare them. But comparing them isn’t really fair either because they are both so so different in character. Each of them has different traits and qualities that I love them for. But yeah, I stick with Emma here I guess.

> 1 point to #TeamTDA < 

⌈ Favorite Herondale:
Jace, Will or Kit?

Well… my love for all Herondales is Endless really but when it came down to it, this wasn’t a hard one to answer for me because really; no one… no one will beat my love for Will Herondale. NO.ONE. Not Jace, not Kit, not James. My love for Will is forever, precious, and untouchable. HE embodies the reason why I love all Herondales so much. When looking at Jace and even Kit and the small bits of James that I’ve seen so far; it always makes me think back to the time Will was alive. They always remind me of Will because Will is where it all started with for me. 

That said; I really love all Herondales, each for their own reasons. Every time I come across a (new) Herondale my heart is beating so hard that it looks like it’ll pop right out of my chest at any given moment, lol. All Herondales are the same deep down. I love their similarities in character traits but them also being their ‘own’ person too; They all love so deeply and they burn so fiercely as Brother Zachariah once mentioned to Jace… I love that so frigging much about them all. Jace is no exception to this since we saw him struggling and being terrorized throughout the TMI books and the way he loves Clary is not any less intense as to how Will loves his Tessa. And Kit is a character I came to love so frigging much as well when reading the Dark Artifices books. I cannot waaaait to read more about him in the Wicked Powers books. I am so afraid for him as well. His road is probably going to be a brutal one too and he’s already showing signs of loving so much that’ll probably destroy you, so YIKES. And James… everything is still a mystery regarding him. Cannot wait to find out how this precious character’s story is going to turn out.

> 1 point to #TeamTID < 

⌈ Favorite love triangle:
Simon/Clary/Jace, Will/Tessa/Jem or Christina/Mark/Kieran?

You know… it’s not really fair, this one. I mean… I’d normally say Will/Tessa/Jem, for suuuuure – Simon/Clary/Jace was never a proper love triangle to me because it’s aaaalways been Jace haha so that one gets crossed down immediately – ,but Christina/Mark/Kieran is perfection as well and I mean PERFECTION. I love the way Clare took a spin on this particular love triangle!

Both these love triangles are so beautiful, each for their own reasons and they are both so different from one another, so how could I really choose? Out of loyalty to Will/Tessa/Jem, I’d say I’d go with that one haha but that’s not fair either to make a decision based on my preferences to the characters themselves. I love both of these love triangles for very different reasons so it’s really impossible for me to choose?! I was asking Isa and Candyce if I could just choose 2 here and Isa herself has done so in one of the questions as well, so I’m just going to do this as well, lol.

I’m choosing Will/Tessa/Jem AND Christina/Mark/Kieran and I’ll split the 1 point in two, so each of them -TID and TDA – gets 0,5.

> 0,5 point to #TeamTID <
> 0,5 point to #TeamTDA < 

⌈ Better Villain:
Sebastian, the Magister or the Unseelie King?

Between these three, I’ll definitely go with Sebastian! the Magister was a really cool villain as well though but in comparison to Sebastian, he loses from S. easily haha. And the Unseelie King was such an awesome villainous character too but I feel like he wasn’t nearly that developed as being a badass villain as Sebastian was for example. The Unseeling King is only a minor character whereas Sebastian – even though he was a minor character as well – was way more presence throughout the books so there was more depth to him being a villain I think. I think he’s one of the best bookish villains I’ve come across so far! The Unseelie King is definitely a character that could be The best villain if we’d read more about him. But to me, Sebastian is the only option to go with here.

> 1 point to #TeamTMI < 

⌈ Better Threat:
the Dark Army, the Clockwork Army or the Parabatai Curse?

I really want to stay loyal to my babies aka the Infernal Devices books, but the Dark Army wins though in this case, but not by That much. I think the concept of the Dark Army is so cruel, brutal and scary in so many ways – for example; the fact that loved ones turn into evil puppets and being led by Sebastian… The Clockwork Army is a very close second though, because I think the concept of all that was so frigging awesome as well; demons taking control of robot-like bodies so that they’re nearly indestructible and won’t have any mercy on anyone. I really loved that a lot too!

But yeah, I think the Dark Army was the better threat here overall, since I feel like this had such a huge impact on the entire Shadowhunter world whereas the Clockwork Army was stopped before it could really do a lot of damage throughout the world. The Dark Army had already succeeded in destroying so much worldwide, so that was definitely a bigger threat then.

> 1 point to #TeamTMI < 

⌈ Better First Book:
City of Bones, Clockwork Angel or Lady Midnight?

Oooomg this question!! I really don’t want to answer it haha. Okay, so Lady Midnight isn’ t even really a participant in this one to me, lol. It’s between City of Bones and Clockwork Angel and in this case, I won’t abandon my loyalty to the Infernal Devices books.

City of Bones is where it all started for me, many years ago. This book remains so so special to me because of that. Without this book there wouldn’t even be a Shadowhunter world. Without this book there are a lot of things that would never have come to fruition in the Dark Artifices for example as well. After finishing Queen of Air and Darkness, my love for the TMI books has only expanded! So yeah, I’ll be forever grateful for City of Bones!

But… Clockwork Angel – just thinking about it gives me goosebumps – OWNS my heart and soul. This trilogy means Everything to me and without Clockwork Angel, the shadowhunter chronicles would’ve been less awesome in its entirety. Seeing how The infernal Devices keeps reoccurring in the TMI and TDA series in some way, proves how important the TID books are to the entire shadowhunter world in general. Even though Clare wrote Clockwork Angel after writing City of Bones, which was the very first shadowhunter book, I think this trilogy is the most important one so far. It’s the foundation of this world and the foundation of a lot of the characters that are present in the later series as well so I can only be so thankful for that.

Story-wise and especially writing-wise, I really feel this is the best book out of the three if I don’t take my emotional bond with the book in equation. Lady Midnight had a really slow start for me and City of Bones is a very typical written YA book I think. Clockwork Angel definitely has some similarities with there being some typical tropes written into it, but I was really invested right from the start, so much more than when reading Lady Midnight and City of Bones even, when I look back to my first reading experiences of all three books.

Aside from the TID trilogy being important to the shadowhunter chronicles in general and me feeling like it’s just the best written book out of the three as well, it’s just a really emotional decision too. There’s no putting into words as to explaining how much this book and the other two in the trilogy, mean to me. So yeah, there’s no doubt about it; Clockwork Angel all the frigging way! 

> 1 point to #TeamTID < 

⌈ Better female supporting lead:
Isabelle Lightwood, Cecily Herondale or Christina Rosales?

Well, I haven’t seen That much of Cecily in comparison to Isabelle and Christina so I think it’s a bit unfair haha. So Cecily is the first one to go I think. I thought she was so much fun to read about when she entered ‘the stage’ but I think Isabelle and Christina are better supporting characters overall. Maybe I’ll change my mind someday when I’m able to read more about Cecily, who knows!

So it’s between Isabelle and Christina and at first I thought I’d have a hard time choosing but in the end it was a really easy choice though. I love Isabelle Lightwood a lot but Christina was overall the best female supporting lead I’ve come across in all the shadowhunter books so far. If it weren’t for Jules and Emma being parabatai, I think Christina would’ve been The perfect choice for Emma to be parabatai with. The friendship between Emma and Christina is just so beautifully written. They have one of the best friendships I’ve come across in a book so far.

Christina has become a part of the Blackthorn family so easily and so fast and it felt like she was that missing puzzle that finally completed it all when she made her appearance. She has become a really important supporting character I think when looking back to all three books. She has been there in some of the most important scenes in all the books and she has had some really important influence in some of the things happening. Without her, the TDA books would’ve definitely not been as good, whereas I feel that when Isabelle would be left out of the equation I’d be able to adjust to it more easily you know? I liked Isabelle as a minor character but I feel so much more devotion towards Christina somehow – she’s so frigging precious. 

> 1 point to #TeamTDA < 

⌈ Better setting:
the New York Institute, the London Institute or the Los Angeles Institute?

Haha yes! An easy one! The London Institute, without a freaking doubt! I love London settings in general, Especially when it’s Victorian London like in the Infernal Devices books. But reading about the place, where Will/Tessa and Jem have made their home was so beautiful. Every time when I’m in London myself, I’m looking at old buildings and the first thing that comes to mind is ‘wow, that looks like it could be the London Institute’. So much has happened in the London institute that has been important in the TID books but I also loved that the characters in Lord of Shadows went there as well for some time.

In comparison to the NY and the LA institute, I just feel more of an ‘connection’ with the London one. So I’m happy I get to add another point to the TID team haha.

> 1 point to #TeamTID < 

⌈ Better last book:
Clockwork Princess, City of Heavenly Fire or Queen of Air and Darkness? 

I decided to add Queen of Air and Darkness to the question as well since it’s released now and I also finished reading it. But even though this book has made such an impact on me, Clockwork Princess and CoHF felt overall just a bit better though. Whereas there really isn’t a single thing to mention about CP or COHF, there have been some minor issues I’ve had while reading QoAaD. So that means it’s between Clockwork Princess and City of Heavenly Fire and my god, this is a difficult decision here.

Looking back to the entire TID trilogy and the entire TMI series and seeing how the story-lines developed, how everything ‘got together’ in the last book, I think I’ll go with… both of them? I really can’t choose. Both end books are so different from one another and they both add so much to the series being final installments. As Candyce and Isa mentioned as well; in Clockwork Princess there’s more conclusion to everything you know? Whereas City of Heavenly Fire leaves you wanting more in an instant because you just know there’s more to come. When finishing Clockwork Princess it left me aching and wanting more as well, but in another way – gods, I suck with words sometimes, lol. CP was more satisfying I think seeing everything come to conclusion but looking at the writing and seeing an entire series of 6 books coming together I think City of Heavenly Fire is one of the best final installments I’ve ever read. I really can’t choose between the two since I love both of them SO MUCH and they both belong to my favorites list when it comes to best final installments in series. So, I’ll be splitting points again haha!

> 0,5 point to #TeamTID <
> 0,5 point to #TeamTMI

⌈ Better final Epilogue:
Clockwork Princess, City of Heavenly Fire or Queen of Air and Darkness? 

Well, I have to say that I think all three epilogues are amazing in their own way. But how could I not choose the Clockwork Princess epilogue? That one… my god. I’ve never read a book, an epilogue, that has had such impact on me. I’ve never cried that hard over a book before in my life, until I’ve read that epilogue. There’s just no freaking way I’d choose another epilogue here than the Clockwork Princess one. IT WAS EVERYTHING. THAT’S HOW YOU WRITE AN EPILOGUE ladies and gentlemen *Drops mic and walks away with a swagger…

> 1 point to #TeamTID < 

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I haven’t really kept track of my points throughout writing this tag, so I’m sooo curious to see which Team Badge I’ll receive haha! I’ve made three badges for each Team and you can use them as well if you’d like! I’ll put them down below at the end of the article! But ok, here we go..


#TeamTMI > 2,5 points
#TeamTDA > 2,5 points
#TeamTID > 5 points


Which means that I got appointed to #TeamTID!!!!!! I have to say that I didn’t expect this though because it felt like, while writing my answers down, that TID was so close to the other two! So when I saw that TMI and TDA had 2,5 points I thought TID would be very close to that number as well, but in the end TID kicked ass and won by far. On the other hand, I can’t say that I’m really surprised either, since TID is still the most special to me of all the shadowhunter series so far.

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Wow, this was a fun tag. Intense, but fun! Isa and Candyce already made some alterations with this tag, and I decided to do so as well by adding the badges and including Queen of Air and Darkness in the questions as well since the book is now released and some might’ve read it as well already.

It’s hard to tag specific people here since not everyone is That invested in Shadowhunters maybe or hasn’t read all of the Dark Artifices books yet, etc. So if you want to do this tag, feel free to do so! You are free to use my badges as well if you’d like to do so!


With Love, as always,
Melissa ♥ | And remember, All the Stories are True 😉 


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