[MEET THE AUTHOR MONDAY] RARE19 London – My Unicorn authors list

I recently published a Bookish Article about the RARE event; in which I’m telling you about the event itself, which authors are attending and more. Originally, I created ‘Meet the author Monday’ to publish author Q&A’s but I thought it would be a fun idea to talk some more about the authors who are attending this event. I can fill in this article however way I want to right ;)?

As I wrote down in the Bookish Article, I made 3 different lists, categorizing the authors I want to meet by priority:

  • my UNICORN authors; authors I want to meet for sure and I hope I’ll be able to use the extra 2 hours before the official opening hours to see most of them – since it’s my first time going I have no idea as to how realistic this plan of mine is, lol.
  • Authors I’ve already read and really liked and would want to meet up with, but they aren’t a priority (yet).
  • Authors I haven’t read yet but I want to read and get to know beforehand and meet up with if I have time to spare.

Today I’ll be focusing on my Unicorn Authors list and tell you a bit more about some of my all-time favorite authors.



These are the authors I am 1000% certain of wanting to meet at the event. I don’t know in which order I’ll be seeing them, because that depends on the day itself; the layout of the seatings of each author and how long the lines are etc. I’m really thankful I was able to get EE tickets so we’ll be able to go inside the venue 2 hours prior the official opening. I don’t know how many EE tickets were sold, but there’s definitely more chance of me seeing all of my unicorn authors now with those 2 extra hours!

abbi glines

I’ve been a fan of Abbi’s work for many years now. I got to know her through her New Adult series Sea Breeze. The books I’ve read in that series – I got to #6 I believe – have been such amaaaazing reads and then there’s the Fields series, which are YA contemporary reads, which I think is so amazing as well. I was so surprised to see this author added to the events list at the last moment because meeting her was definitely something I’d love to be able to do someday so I’m really happy that she’s attending!!

amdanda bouchetkopie

This is one of my most favorite authors ever and getting the chance to meet up with her is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since getting aquatinted with her books. Aside from her amazing writing skills, Amanda is one of the most kind persons I’ve ever had the opportunity to get to know a bit better and I’m always so happy to read her books and promote and support her in any way I can. I still cannot believe I’m finally going to meet her in real life, YAY!!!!

amelia hutchinskopie

Amelia was at first The reason why I wanted to travel to London. At the time of her mentioning she’d be in London in 2019 for a signing I immediately wanted to go to meet her. This was before I knew she was going to attend the RARE event. After finding out she’d be at the RARE event I got even more excited of course, knowing there’d be so many more authors present. But I would’ve traveled to London alone to go see her. She’s an American author and she isn’t often in Europe, if ever, so I’d do anything to travel to London and meet up with her haha. She’s also planning a little party/get together after the event for her readers which is so awesome I think!

cindi madsen

I’ve only read 2 books by this author yet. The first book in the Taking Shots series and Until we’re more. These have been amazing reads, especially Until we’re more. That has become one of my most favorite contemporary romances ever and I cannot wait to have it signed at the event! I’m currently waiting on another Madsen book to being delivered and I’m definitely planning on buying some more before September.

corinne michaels

I’ve only read two books by this author yet but I already call her a unicorn author of mine. The two books I’ve read, Beloved and Beholden, have made such an enormous impact on me. I have no doubts whatsoever that the rest of her books will be amazing reads as well. I cannot wait to have my copies of Beloved and Beholden signed and hopefully I’ll be able to buy and read some more books of hers beforehand as well. I’m already so excited to meet up with this author, yay!

elle kennedy

I’ve heard many great things about this author over the years, and mainly a lot about the off-campus series. So I finally got around to read the first book in the series some months ago and ended up loving it a lot. I then also bought some non-new adult books, like Claimed, the first book in a contemporary romance/dystopia series which I reaaaally loved! And then there’s the out of uniform series; hot military men?! I am in! So yeah, this author has written so many amazing books so far. I haven’t gotten around to read all of them yet but what I’ve read so far was so good and that put her on my unicorn rare author list! Can’t wait to meet her.

graceley knox

This author has been on my tbr for such a long time until when earlier this year, when Amelia Hutchins was raving about the Mark of Truth book by Graceley, I decided to buy the first three books of the Wicked Kingdoms series and I’ve devoured them all back to back! I have yet to buy and read other books by this author but when seeing how much I loved her writing in the Wicked Kingdom series I’m quite positive I will love the other books as well. This author is definitely very high up on my want-to-meet list and therefore ended up on my rare unicorn list.

j daniels.jpg

Jessica is one of my newest unicorn authors. I got to know her writing through friends of mine who’ve read her books and loved them so much. And ever since reading them myself, I’ve been so frigging hooked on this author’s writing. Her characters are all so precious and I am so hyyyyyped to meet Jessica in person and have some books signed by her personally.

jamie mcguire

Ever since reading my first book by this author, Beautiful Disaster, I’ve been HOOKED. I haven’t read all of her books yet – too many books, too little time right? – but I am desperate to meet up with Jamie. I love her writing so so much and I cannot wait to get some books signed by her!!! I am so excited that she decided to attend the event. And she won’t come alone, no. She’s taking her daughter with her as well, who has written a YA book and I think that’s so cute so I’m definitely planning on buying her book when I’m there to support her.

laurelin paige

It’s been many years since I’ve picked up my first Laurelin Paige read. She was one of the first erotica authors that I started reading and when reading her Fixed trilogy, I fell in love! I then also fell in love when reading her First Touch duet and I am so frigging happy that I’m able to meet Laurelin and get some books signed by her! YAY!

Rebecca yarros

Rebecca is one of those authors that I would’ve went for if it were her along who’d be attending a signing in London. Given her very busy life as an army-wife with a family of 6 kids, I never thought I’d see the day that she’d be visiting Europe. And then came the news of her attending RARE London 2019. I am beyond excited!!!!! I can’t tell you how much I love her words, her talent as an author. But I also respect the hell out of her for being the amazing woman that she is. She’s such an inspiring person, woman, mommy and I cannot wait to meet and hug her in real life. I STILL cannot believe I’m going to see her next year, I’m still shocked over it haha. In a good way of course, because seeing that she was going to attend was definitely one of my most favorite announcements regarding this event.

teagan hunter

Teagan was an author that had been on Kaylee – the friend of mine with whom I’ll be traveling to London and attend the event with – and mine’s radar for a while and one day I decided to buy the first two Textual books, get Kaylee one for her birthday as well and started reading them. I was so frigging hooked to her writing right from the start and couldn’t get through her books fast enough. She writes those one-sitting kind of books. I haven’t read book 3 yet or her other 2 contemporary romance books, but I’m dying to get my hands on them. I am sooo excited that she’s attending the event as well and that I’ll be able to have my books signed by her in person, YAY!!!

divider rare

I’m so over the moon happy that so many amaaaazing authors will attend this event. And there are so many authors I’m not even familiar with (yet), but who are also maybe unicorn material – I’m definitely planning to read some new-to-me authors who’ll attend to find out if there are more unicorns hidden hihi.

I can’t believe so many international – outside of Europe – authors are going to attend. A lot of authors who normally don’t travel to Europe a lot, if ever for example like Rebecca Yarros, J. Daniels, Amelia Hutchins and Teagan Hunter… I always thought it would be impossible to ever meet up with some of them, but my dreams are coming true in September 2019 and September can’t come soon enough!!!

divider rare

Are you attending the event? If so, which unicorn authors are priority to you?

And are there any authors on the list – in the image above – that you’ve read and would recommend to me? There are so many authors on the list that I won’t be able to read them All so I have to be selective and love to receive recommendations! 

with love


21 thoughts on “[MEET THE AUTHOR MONDAY] RARE19 London – My Unicorn authors list

  1. Probably no surprise that the one I totally going to see first is Rebecca Yarros. Further I really, really want to see Angel Payne, Cindi Madsen, Elle Kennedy, Kelley Armstrong, Sara Ney, Sierra Simone and Vi Keeland. There are more I want to see given the chance but these are my priority


    1. I know the problem haha. If it wasn’t for the fact that I saved up to go to London for this, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of meeting them either. Trips to London are always quite expensive for me but thankfully there was more than enough time to save up for this now since the ticket sale went online in August this year I believe and hotels and things like that can be booked up front as well, so I can spread the expenses a bit that way.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, living in the Netherlands is a restriction as well though. The event is in London, so I made the decision to go there since there was enough time in between to save up some money to travel and book a hotel and things like that. If I wouldn’t have done this, I wouldn’t have met them either because most authors never come to the Netherlands since most of them aren’t translated here so there isn’t a publisher who would invite them here, so that s*cks. I’ve met Some authors here in the Netherlands since there’s a YALfest event since a couple of years so that gave me the opportunity to meet some YA authors there, but normally I always miss out on meeting a lot of authors as well. I do hope I get to travel to the USA someday and attend an event there.


    1. I really hope you get around to read any of them and that you’re going to love their work! I think there are definitely a couple of authors here that you’ll end up loving, seeing as to what you normally read and love.


    1. omg that’s so awesome that you met Teagan! I’m really looking forward to meeting her as well. I loved the books that I’ve read by her so far, so much! I hope you’re going to love the authors on the list that you still want to read books of.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bookworms corner blog spot

    I am so jealous. I am hoping that there will be a Rare 20 and that Jodi Ellen Malpas will be there. She usually goes but is busy wedding planning next year. She is among my top 5 unicorns. I do wish that I had decided to go for tickets though as Vi Keeland is there and so is Marni Mann. I have books signed by them, but still… (I have a lot of Unicorns lol)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I was really hoping she’d be there this year but maybe another year indeed. I haven’t read Keeland or Mann but I’ll definitely go check them out! I have a lot of unicorns as well and there’ll probably be a few more added to the list after reading some new-to-me-authors. It’s insane how many authors are attending :O I’m so glad I was able to buy an Early Entry ticket – they went out SO FAST. I really hope I can ‘tackle’ most of my unicorn authors in those prior 2 hours to the official opening.


    1. Melissa Foster has been on my wishlist for sooo long now! I’m so excited to start reading her books someday! She isn’t on this list because she isn’t attending the event. But I really plan on reading her work. Heard only great things about her books! Thanks for the reply :)!


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