[TAG TIME THURSDAY] The Jingle Bells Book Tag

the lovely Alyssa from Reading, reading, reading tagged me to do this awesome Jingle Bell Book tag! Thank you for tagging me! I’m looking forward to sharing this tag with you, since it was fun writing it.

In this tag I’ll be talking about what book(s) I want to receive under the Christmas tree, favorite couples, Book(s) I would give as a present and more.

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“All I Want For Christmas Is You…”
What book do you want to see under the Christmas Tree?

There are always so many books on my wishlists so it’s hard to narrow it down haha. I always have to make several wishlists for Christmas since I’ll receive presents from my parents, sister, in-laws, friends and my hubby. In some of my Wishlist Wednesday articles, I’ve shown you guys the list of books I gave everyone so they could buy books off the lists if they wanted to. If you’re interested in seeing what books I put on my wishlists, you can find those articles below:

Wishlist Wednesday | Christmas Wishlist #3

Wishlist Wednesday | Christmas Wishlist #2

Wishlist Wednesday | Christmas Wishlist #1

“Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time…”
What book that you have read this year have you enjoyed the most?

This is quite an impossibly one to answer I think haha. At the moment of writing the article – December 13th – I’ve finished reading 217! books this year so how could I choose just one out of all those books? There have been so many amazing books I’ve read this year… I recently made a top 12 favorite list, does that count?

favorite reads1

What book unleashes your inner child?

I think I’ll go with the Roald Dahl books because his books remind me so much of my childhood and the fact that I’ve loved reading ever since I started learning to read. I’ve read his books so many times when I was younger, I couldn’t get enough of them. I really hope my son is going to love reading as much as I did and do, so we can read the Roald Dahl books together in a couple of years!


“It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”
Which book has the most festive look to it?

Instead of choosing one book, I decided to pick several books that I think look festive and/or give me a Christmas feeling.

The Holiday
Name your favourite TWO couples…

JUST two? That’s like asking a mother to choose 2 favorite Childs among a family of 10 or something like that hahaha. Damn… Okay, I’ll make it easy for myself; I’m choosing two couples from a recently read book like Queen of Air and Darkness by Cassandra Clare for example and choose 2 from that particular book hihi.

  • Julian Blackthorn & Emma Carstairs
  • Mark/Chrsitina/Kieran..
    okay, so this is technically not a couple but a trio but whatever 😉

What book would you like to give as a present to your followers?

Oh this is quite a difficult one, because I love recommending books to others and gift other people with books that I also loved reading. But there’s soooo much to choose from here! It depends on the person really and what they prefer reading genre-wise.

I think I’ll go with Illuminae by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman. I know not everyone’s into Sci-Fi books but the way these two authors wrote this book was just so epic! The format and layouts of the pages are to die for and made reading this book such a thrilling reading experience. You’re reading the book through documents, summarized video footage, e-mails and things like that. Just so well done! I think this book will surprise a lot of readers who’d normally wouldn’t pick a book like this up.

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Share the Joy
Tag other bloggers 

I want to share this tag with ALL of you so please feel free to do this tag if you like it!

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So that was my Jingle Bells book tag! Later today there’s another Christmas tag going online because I was tagged to do two and well, why not publishing them both right? Exactly haha.

What book would you like to give as a present to your followers/bookish friends?

Thanks for reading!
With Love,
Melissa ♥

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