[MEET THE AUTHOR MONDAY] RARE authors I want to meet #2

I recently published a Bookish Article about the RARE event; telling you about the event I’m going to attend in September ’19, which authors are attending and more – and the Meet the Author Monday – RARE unicorn authors article. Originally, I created ‘Meet the author Monday’ to publish author Q&A’s but I thought it would be a good idea to talk some more about the authors who are attending this event. I can fill in this article however way I want to right ;)?

As I wrote down in the Bookish Article, I made 3 different lists, categorizing the authors by priority:

  • a list consisting of my UNICORN authors; authors I want to meet for sure and I hope I’ll be able to use the extra 2 hours before the official opening hours to see most of them – since it’s my first time going I have no idea as to how realistic this plan of mine is, lol.
  • a list of Authors I’ve already read and really liked and would want to meet up with, but they aren’t priority (yet).
  • a list of Authors I haven’t read yet but I want to read and get to know beforehand and meet up with if I have time to spare.

Today I’ll be focusing on my list of authors I already read some books of and really liked. These are the authors who I really want to meet when I checked off meeting my unicorn authors hihi. They are authors I really want to meet but aren’t as much of a priority to me as my unicorn authors, you know?


ilona andrews


sherilyn kenyon


sara ney


kelley armstrong


divider rare


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