[MONDAY MEMORIES] Bye December… Bye 2018!

Today’s the last day of 2018. What a month… what a year! It all has flown by so quickly. I’ll be writing a 2018 wrap-up very soon as well. In this Monday Memories article, I’ll be focusing on the month of December.

December has been such a busy, stressed and fun month at the same time haha. It’s always filled with so many busy days prior to Christmas for example; doing a lot of last-minute shopping and what not – We always start buying presents months before to have most of it done asap but there are always several things we end up doing last-minute, unfortunately, haha.

December over here is filled with family visits and just enjoying our time at home with the Christmas tree and decorations, which provides for such a cozy atmosphere. I always dread and love the December month all at the same time haha.

On December 25th we always spend the day at home, the four of us (my husband, Milan, our dog and myself), unpacking the gifts we bought for each other and Milan. This is always my most favorite Christmas day and not because my husband spends too much money on buying Milan and I presents – although I love receiving presents so you won’t hear me complaining about it of course haha – but just for the fact we get to spend this entire day as a family without any mandatory visits and such. It’s always a lot of fun


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