I came across an article over at the Bibliophagist called the ABC book challenge. In this article she mentions her 5-star reads starting with a certain letter – you follow the alphabet from A-Z – and also books on the tbr starting with that specific letter. It sounds like a really fun way to showcase my favorite read books and also take a close look at my tbr. I’ve decided to only look at my 2018 reads when talking about my 4 and 5-star reads unless there isn’t any 4 or 5 star read to be found when it comes to a certain letter. With 195 books I’ve read so far this year and well over 200 unread books on my shelves, there’ll definitely be enough to show you guys!

Click on the Links below of each letter and you’ll be redirected to the published article (I’ve started with this project at the end of October 2018 so that means that I don’t have any links yet for most letters but there’ll be a new article every week or every other week)

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