Hi, and welcome to my ABOUT ME page. Here, I’ll tell you a bit more about who I am, what I love to do in my spare time, etc, so you can get to know me better. I love getting up close and personal in some articles on my blog as well, to create some more intimacy between you, the reader, and myself. Let’s begin, shall we?


147e2f50-b773-4871-a08c-380a517f82ed_FotorMy name is Melissa, I’m 29 years old and I live in the Netherlands. In Heerlen, to be exact. It’s in the most southern part of the country near the Belgium and German border. I grew up in a small village (my family existed of my parents, my grandmother, my little sister, and myself) and when I met Luciën, my now husband, it didn’t take us long to decide we wanted to move out of our houses and go live together – I was just barely 18 at the time, lol. And from then on I’ve been stationed in Heerlen, a small city. We live in the suburbs, as you call it, right next to the ‘Brunsummerheide’, a beautiful piece of nature that’s well known in the area and attracts lots of tourists and people who like to hike – a place where I spent a lot of time to ‘ground’ myself whenever I need it. We bought our own house at some point and we’ve lived there for almost 10 years now, together with our 12,5 years old dog named Rex and our 5,5 years old son named Milan.


  • I’m a huge animal lover. Especially horses, dogs, and killer whales – I could write an entire essay on how much and Why I love killer whales in particular but I I’ll try to not bore you to death, lol. I am so very thankful as well, for having Rex in my life, our German Shepherd mix of 12,5 years old (when I’m writing this in mid-October 2018), who is my Everything. He’s always there for me when I’m feeling down and he’s so good to our son as well. I can’t imagine not having him at my side. And I’ve experienced some of the most beautiful years of my life when Helmer, my old horse, was in my life. Being able to call him mine for some years, was one of the best things that have happened in my life. I’ll never forget my Golden Boy. May you Rest in Peace, my beauty.
  • Aside from reading I also love to be creative like drawing, coloring and making puzzles. I love to do some DIY projects from time to time as well, like creating bookmarks, tbr-jars, stuff like that. It’s so good for my brain to do things like this; it’s like therapy 🙂
  • I’m a passionate person and I like to think of myself as being a very understanding person as well. But, I can also be very intense when it comes to discussing things I have a strong opinion about. In general, I am an easy-going person and a trusting one – sometimes even too gullible maybe?, lol – but when you cross a line with me, I’m not one to forgive easily though. But if you’re my friend, I’d go to the ends of the earth for you to show you how much your friendship means to me.
  • I can be a bit over-enthusiastic at times, especially when talking about books. I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough what I mean by over-enthusiastic, lol.
  • I’m obsessed with this city called LONDON ;). So I love to read books set in London. If I know it has a London setting, I almost always buy the book, no matter what, lol. I try to go there at least once a year and I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of all the awesomeness that’s to be found in the city. It feels like HOME.


I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember. I’ve devoured so many books when I was younger but at one point in my life, I stopped reading for a while because there was just so much going on in my life. When I was a teenager, I became interested in horseback riding and boys, so I kind of forgot about books for a while, lol. When I was in my early 20’s, my life consisted of a lot of work, household chores and I’ve had a horse for some years which gobbled up all of my spare time, lol. 4 years ago, I fell into a severe depression – my horse was already gone at the time; I gifted him to a friend of mine because he just deserved so much more attention and love than I could give him at that point. I stopped working and became a stay at home mom.

It didn’t take me long to rekindle my love of reading and before I knew it I was blogging because it turned out that I found reviewing books to be a perfect way of expressing myself when talking about books. My reviews are more often than not over 1000+ words because once I start typing…

I became obsessed with books and started growing a collection of my own. In three years time, let’s say 2015 until October 2018, my collection got quite out of hand really, lol. I own 4 Ikea Billy bookcases and a smaller one and they are overstocked, lol – o, and there’s one in the bedroom as well! And being a part of the online book community became so important to me too because the book community can be such an amazing ‘place’ to be!

The reading, the blogging and meeting kindred spirits really helped a lot throughout the first years of my depression if I look back to it. I lived and breathed books for some years, met some amazing people and authors who I made so many special memories with.

And then I came to a crossroad; blogging became a burden to me because I just put too much pressure on myself. So at the beginning of 2018, I stopped blogging, and I was sure that I made the right choice back then and knew that I wasn’t going to pick it back up again anytime soon because I wanted to focus on my family, my study – I’ve picked up a home-school-study some months ago – and was busy with other personal stuff.

But when something has been such a HUGE part of your life for years – I’ve been actively blogging for about 3 years before I quit – and you’ve loved it so much, despite it becoming a burden at one point, it’s hard to not remember all the GOOD things it’s brought you as well. So lately I’ve been constantly on the brink of deciding to start blogging again and mid-October I finally made the decision for sure. So here I am, back at it. Since I not only love to read but do other things like watch movies/tv series and such as well, I’ll not only write about books but those other things too. From time to time you’ll see me loving on a movie I recently watched or I’ll share some pages from inside my Bullet Journal and there’ll be a little personal corner in which I’ll write some diary articles.