[non bookish HAUL] Christmas 2018

I swear to God, in another life I was a dragon. I love collecting books, merchandise, jewelry and so many other stuff. Of course, the most important thing in life to me is the Love of my family and friends, but I cannot deny I love material stuff as well. I sometimes feel like a dragon with all of my ‘treasures’ hihi. I love buying stuff but I love getting gifts as well even though I love giving people gifts even more so.

In yesterdays BOOKHAUL ARTICLE you could see all the books I received this December/Christmas and but aside from Books, I also received a lot of non-book-items this Christmas as well. A couple of them I received from my sister among others, my friend Wenda, and I got pampered by my dear husband who always pampers us so much throughout the year but especially with Christmas – I only put books on the wishlist for my other relatives. Since I wanted to show my bookhaul separately, I though it’d be nice to show off the non-book-items as well that I received this Christmas. Here we go!


| This is what I got from my Sister |



| This is what I got from Wenda |



| This is what I got from my Husband |





Well, my conclusion is; I’m flabbergasted haha. I already got so many awesome new books to add to my collection, which I showed you guys in the Bookhaul article yesterday, so that was already amazing. And then there are also all of these amazing items I received as well from my lovely sister, my lovely friend and my dearest husband.



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