[MONDAY MEMORIES] up close and personal #1

Ever since I was a young girl and learned how to write, I loved writing in a diary. I’ve been doing this up until my early 20’s and then life got so busy I kind of skipped doing this – which I now regret since I love re-reading my diaries of the old days.

On Melissa’s Bookworld I always posted a weekly or monthly article, Melissa’s Monday Memories, in which I write down a recap of what I’ve been up to, aside from reading, in the past week. To me, it’s a way of processing everything that has happened but you have an opportunity to also get to know me better. And I love interacting with other readers and meeting new people so I think this article is a fun way to do this.

In the future, I’ll think I’ll only write Monday memories on a monthly base instead of a weekly one but this first one is only of last week because I haven’t been writing down what I have been doing prior to that, lol. Seeing last week was a really special one as well, regarding the KoA release, I think it’s okay this way so I can talk about the book a lot, lol. What was I up to in the past week? Let me tell you…


The start of a new week, meaning my husband, Luciën has to go to work and Milan has to go to school. When they’re both out the door I start by doing some household chores that I always want to do first thing in the morning so I can plan in some me-time as well during the day. But today it’s a busy day so no me-time for me since I want to do some extra stuff as well. Tomorrow Kingdom of Ash releases and I haven’t been able to think about anything for days now haha. So I want to be prepared 😉 That means, doing a lot of household chores, the extra stuff etc, and afterwards I spend the rest of my ‘free’ time – until I have to pick up Milan from school – studying since I won’t be doing a lot of that the rest of the week hihi.

After I pick up Milan from school, we go about our usual routine; head home, eat something small together and then fill our time with us doing some games and practicing writing letters – next school year they’ll learn how to write and we started recognizing and writing down letters so the kids are a bit more prepared by then. Hubby comes home and I start on making dinner. Then we eat dinner, give Milan a bath and put him to bed. The rest of the night is spent on the couch haha; me finishing my current read and Luciën playing NBA2K18 on the Ps4.

Milan is trying on his soccer outfit we bought him last year. He went to one training and didn’t even finish it back then, lol. But he wants to try again so badly so tomorrow we’re going to give it another shot haha. And the clothes still fit! the vest is getting tight, so if he decides to continue going, we’ll buy him a new one soon.


TODAY IS THE DAY! Kingdom of Ash releases! Since I won’t be getting my printed copy until later today, I start reading the e-book because I just cannot wait any longer. So when Milan and Luciën are out the door, I immediately start reading. And aside from doing some small household chores, walking Rex and stuff like that, I only read hihi.

That is until I have to pick up Milan from school again. Then it’s time to be a mom again 😉 But as soon as Milan is asleep, I continue reading Kingdom of Ash. Yes, my life consists only of reading this book right now and I’m not really sorry about it even though my family is being a bit neglected by me right now hihi – sorry lovelies, I’ll make it up to you.

Thankfully I have a really understanding husband and he knows how much this book release means to me so he just leaves me be, most of the time that is. Until I start crying like a baby on the couch for example. He somehow finds this so amusing whenever this happens. But it’s not just regular crying you know? I’m like UGLY CRYING and he’s being an ass about it, lol, so I was not amused and was thankful for being able to read the rest of the book tomorrow during the day, when was NOT at home, lol. How do your spouses react to you crying when reading a book? I try to avoid crying in front of him, but well… it was risky when reading KoA but I just HAD to read you know? I knew I’d be crying a lot when reading this book, so I decided to take my chances anyway, lol.


Today is the day that Milan always visits my parents after school and also spends the night there. This was perfectly timed with KoA releasing on a Tuesday so I couldn’t be happier about it haha – god, this sounds like I don’t like having my family around, but I promise you I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. But when you’ve been living towards a release like this one for 2 years, you tend to put other things a bit to the background when the book finally releases, lol. All you want to do is read read reaaaaad, am I right?

So, obviously, today exists of more reading and I end up finishing my read of Kingdom of Ash late in the evening, leaving behind a mountain of tissues for my husband to clean in the morning, oops. And when finishing this book, I realize this was my 195th read this year, wow! I’m definitely going to hit the 200 before the end of November – if I don’t fall into a severe reading slump. At this point, it’s definitely something that could happen after just finishing this amazing book. But seriously…I don’t have any words to properly do this book justice. This was the best I could do, describing my experience;

I’m broken, gutted and beyond repair. This book was everything I’d hoped it to be and more. It was such a beautiful homage to the amazing characters in particular that we got to meet in every book and follow throughout the entire series. Sarah wrote a final installment that does this series proud.

I wasn’t ready to part with this world and won’t ever recover from this read and of knowing that this is the end, that’s for sure. But my heart is filled with joy at the same time, knowing this series got such a worthy final installment.

I am beyond words right now so I really can’t do this book justice the way I really want to – I’m only able to ramble at this point and be in awe. My feelings are still all over the place – I cried non-stop and don’t have any tears left in me anymore. There’s so much to feel regarding what happened in this book story-wise, but then there’s also so much to feel knowing this is IT… This IS IT… The end of an era.

Saying goodbye to this epic world that has become so important to me. Saying goodbye to these characters who’ve all become so precious to me; It hurts. And in the end, while my heart and soul were hurting while closing the book after a reading experience that rocked my entire being, I smiled. I smiled for all the joy this series has brought me. I smiled for all the amazing characters I got to know throughout the years. I smiled, knowing I’ll always be able to return to this world that means everything to me.

Good luck to all who are still reading or have yet to start. See you on the other side.



The day after… Still reliving everything I’ve read in the past few days but life has gone back to normal as well and I get a reality check today, unfortunately. When Luciën is out the door – Milan was at my parents so he’ll be there until I pick him up. he had a day off from school – I drag myself out of bed and ready myself for my Doctor’s appointment at the Hospital.

Long story short (so you have a bit of insight since you’ll probably be seeing me talk about hospital visits more often now; There’s a lot of things going on hormonally and none of it is as it’s supposed to work atm – understatement. It isn’t life-threatening or something but since we also want to expend our family at one point, rather sooner than later, it’s been a b*tch to find out your body isn’t cooperating. I have a long journey ahead of me to get everything, hopefully, back on track. That means a lot of hospital visits and so on. Atm, we’re still in the research phase of it all which means a lot of taking blood and examining and seeing if I need to see even more specialists. And this takes time, sigh. I’m quite scared of it all since I hate hospitals and even ‘simple’ things like taking blood is HELLISH for me – I have severe anxiety issues regarding this. But well… it is what it is, right?

After my hospital visit, being none the wiser atm and knowing I’ll have to be back next week to draw more blood – WHY ME?! – I’m going to the city to return the wrong shoes Luciën brought with him last Sunday when he was shopping with Milan – I asked him to bring me back some shiny boots, that we came across Saturday and I should’ve sent a picture along with it because he brought back the wrong shiny boots of course, LOL – and I buy the ones I really wanted hihi. Afterward, I pick up Milan from my parents and at home, we just spend some time together until Luciën gets home and then we’re going to the soccer training field to see if Milan’s up for it this time around.


Today’s the day I’ve been dreading but looking forward to as well for months now; I’m getting my first tattoo! – I hope you’re ready for this crybaby to whine a lot in this part of the article, lol. I’m such a scaredy pants when it comes to people ‘attacking’ my body with needles or what not so I’m feeling a bit contradictive about this all haha. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo for over 10 years now but never had the guts to actually go through with it. But especially in the last couple of years, I thought about it a lot and when I read Laura Kaye’s Fighting for Everything months ago I finally knew what my first tattoo would be and went and made an appointment. No more delaying…

I asked my good friend Wenda to come with me for moral support and off we went to Lady Luck tattoo parlor in Weert. Bottom line: I SURVIVED! lol – yeah, like I said; I’d be dramatic about it haha. But seriously… I felt like such a baby when I was thinking about how much it hurt when I was lying on that table, lol. I don’t understand how so many people out there are always saying it doesn’t hurt. Well, to me, it hurt like a b*tch! Maybe I just have a really sensitive skin? maybe I’m just a big baby? But yeah, I won’t sugarcoat it and I’ll be open about it even though it makes me look like a crybaby; it hurt hahaha. My artist was cutting up – it felt like that was what she was doing anyway haha – my skin for an hour – she took her time on these 5 words, lol. But the result is awesome though – and I was glad when it was done haha. And, looking back on it, I have to say though that it was worth the pain because I am so happy with how it turned out. My artist did such a good job on it.

The idea is to add some watercolor to it as well when it is healed, so I already made an appointment to go back there on December 1st to add watercolor. I’m scared though, lol. It feels like deliberately walking myself to the gallows – yeah, here’s the dramatic again, lol. But if I want it so bad, I’ll just have to get through it, right? haha. I’ve been hearing a lot of different reactions of people who have gotten tats on the same spot and thankfully I’m not the only one who thinks it hurt on this particular spot so that made me feel like less of a baby in the end, lol. I don’t know though if I’m going back to get a larger 2nd and 3rd tattoo that I was originally planning to get. We’ll see. I’m glad I went through with it and hope it’ll heal nicely. Do you have any tattoos? Love to hear about them and your experience about getting them done. People who have tattoos and read this, and then look at the picture below to see my tiny tattoo will probably laugh their ass off for me reacting like this HAHAHA.


Yay, weekend! Today’s a busy day though so I don’t see my family much. Since I forgot to order the groceries online – I normally order the weekly groceries online and let them deliver it to us on Saturday – I had to go out and do them myself. I hate doing grocery shopping on a Saturday when it’s so busy, lol. But okay, I shouldn’t have forgotten to order them online then. My husband and Milan went to the hairdresser since they were both due to their hair being cut and when they were done they went to do some shopping of their own while I put away the groceries at home and started readying myself for the Baby shower of Nadine, a good friend of mine.

So my afternoon was spent over at Nadine’s where we all had a great time. We played games, laughed a lot and ate some delicious cake and many other delicious snacks. So, yeah; fun day! I was exhausted afterward because doing things like that is mentally challenging for me since I cope with some social anxiety issues but I felt good though that I went and had fun.

When I got home I spend some time with Luciën and Milan and in the evening Luciën and I watched the F1 qualifying – we love watching F1 and of course, we are huge Max Verstappen fans being Dutch ourselves. I tried to read a bit after this was too exhausted so fell asleep fast.


Today we went to do a bit of shopping again since we promised Milan he could buy some new DVDs. Of course, I couldn’t come home empty-handed as well, lol. I bought the Harry Potter collection and a stunning King Arthur tin box. Can’t wait to watch these movies again. The rest of the day we just tried to take things slow haha. Put in some relaxing time. We watched some of Milan’s new DVDs, we played some games and Milan did some painting since he loves that so much so that was basically our day.

In the evening, when Milan’s asleep, we watch the F1 race and it’s so good to see Max take P1 and win the race! Afterward, we go to bed and I don’t read anymore since I’m just too tired.


So yeah, it’s been a busy week with lots of things happening!

How was your week? Hope it was good! Tell me about your highs (and lows). Love to hear from you!

With Love,



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