Ever since I was a young girl and learned how to write, I loved writing in a diary. I’ve been doing this up until my early 20’s and then life got so busy I kind of skipped doing it altogether.

On Melissa’s Bookworld I always posted a weekly or monthly article, Melissa’s Monday Memories, in which I wrote down a recap of what I’ve been up to personally, aside from reading, each week/month. To me, it’s a way of processing everything that has happened,  but you also have an opportunity to get to know me better – if you’re interested in doing so of course haha. I love interacting with other readers and meeting new people so I think this article is a fun way to do this.

What was I up to in November? Let me tell you…


The first few days of November were busy but fun. First there was still a day of school and two days of work for Milan and Lucien as well as Milan’s soccer training in between- he seems to really enjoy it so far so that’s great though. Love seeing him having fun.

And on Saturday we hosted Game night over at our place – every once in a while some friends of ours come over or we go to them and first we always eat together and afterward we play some (board)games and just have a fun night, you know? – so that was a lot of fun, as always. We bought a new pokerset so we played some poker which had been years for all of us – okay, so secretly I’ve been practicing a bit in the week prior to game night, lol – since we’ve played it last, but we got the hang of it quite quickly again.

Milan had been sick since Thursday night/Friday morning so on Sunday we didn’t do much but we did make a quick trip to the Mediamarkt – it’s a huge shop over here in the Netherlands that sells multimedia items – and Luciën bought me an iMac… So yeah, that happened *sqeeeeeel. Afterward, we went home and just spent time together as a family at home while in between installing my new iMac hihi. So overall, in between Milan being sick, we’ve had a fun and busy start of the month.


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On Monday I decided to let Milan stay at home one more day since he was still a bit feverish and I wanted him to be rid of the flu entirely before sending him back. So we had a mommy-son-day which was fun – very exhausting for me though since I’m not used to having him around all day long anymore and he was quite energetic despite his fever, lol.

The rest of the week was like any other week I guess haha; Milan going to school, Luciën going to work and me doing household chores, maintaining the blog and putting in some hours of studying here and there. I also started to exercise a bit more again. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now since it was going quite well back in September, but I’ve had such a busy couple of months and my mental energy was completely depleted which bummed me out a lot since I really want to continue losing weight and just getting in better shape overall. But yeah; started walking again and using the hometrainer at home so it’s a start! GO ME.

The week ended by going to my mother’s birthday party on Saturday. And on Sunday we just spent our time being at home, playing boardgames with Milan and I got the chance to write two unboxing articles for the blog and things like that haha.


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The week starts with me doing not that much on Monday except for some blogging – I was totally lacking in the household department today, but since Milan went to my parents after school and Luciën being home late, I thought it was fine to skip a day, lol. O, and I went walking again so yay for me for going outside – I have some serious issues about going outside. I normally close myself off a lot to the outside world; I know it’s bad but I’m trying to work on it and it ebbs and flows really, with how well I’m doing on that part. And I know it’s probably still not much to a lot of people, but knowing I normally don’t get any exercise at all and being at home most of the time since I’m a stay at home mom, I was quite happy with my result of completing 4,3 km/6.542 steps/9 stairs – this was mostly because I took a little detour, which wasn’t planned lol. Somehow I was walking in circles… sigh. In my defense: it all really looks the same out there on the Brunsummerheide, lol. 

The rest of the week consists of much the same; family stuff like getting Milan ready for school and taking care of him after school, soccer training and things like that.

Saturday is the day that ‘Sinterklaas’ (which is a Dutch sort of festive/Holiday for the kids) will arrive in the Netherlands so while Lucien and my dad are cleaning out the attic, which was long overdue, I’m putting away groceries and getting everything ready for ‘Sinterklaas’ who we’ll see arriving on the national TV at noon. Milan is so excited and seeing him like that warms my heart.

We also decided to start putting up and decorating our Christmas trees – yes, Plural: Milan has his own haha. He can do with it as he likes, and I don’t have to worry about my tree looking like a circus, lol – which is a bit early since normally most people with children over here wait until ‘Sinterklaas’ leaves the country again on December 6th and put it up then. But I wanted to enjoy the Christmas decoration a bit longer this year so yeah… haha

On Sunday we go out to diner with my husband’s family to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday. We go to a local restaurant in which there’s also a playground for the kids – this is just perfect haha. This way the adults can eat without kids whining about wanting to go home, lol.


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The beginning of this week starts with a visit to my friend Wenda on Monday. We drank some tea over at her place and talked a bit and then we went to do a bit of shopping at a nearby mall. As always, it was fun!

The rest of the week is filled with normal stuff like getting back on track with household chores etc. so that the house is clean at the end of the week for when we’re setting off to go to Disneyland Paris on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During the week, Milan is a bit feverish and sickish so he stays home from school for two days as well.

We had an amazing time yet again at Disneyland Paris. We have annual passes so we’re there a couple of times per year and know our way around very well by know. But we hadn’t been there yet when the park was decorated with Christmas decorations, so seeing this for the first time was really great. It all looked so beautiful!

We also really lucked out on the weather this weekend. It was cold but doable and on Sunday morning we had a bit of rain but we did a lot of attractions that were inside so that was good. Before noon, we head off towards home since Monday is a school day again and we still needed to drive 4/5 hours to get back and had to do some grocery shopping as well.


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This week starts off with Lucien having a day off on Monday. So we decided to spent the time time together at home doing nothing but just watch a bit tv, gaming on the ps4, things like that haha and when Milan is home from school he and Lucien go out to eat together to have some father/son time and I use the time to do get some blogging done.

Tuesday is a day I’ve been dreading; I need to go to the hospital to draw blood – again. I was supposed to do this 2 weeks ago but I keep procrastinating since I’m so stressed out by this. And yes, I know; ‘getting it over and done with’ is so much better as what I’ve been doing but when you’re as anxious as I am, your brain throws rational thoughts out of the ‘window’, lol. But okay, I survived… The rest of the day goes by in a blur of shopping for paint stuff – for when my father is going to paint our attic later this week – picking up Milan from school, feeding him and getting him ready for soccer training.

On Wednesday Milan is going to my parents after school so this is MAMA day haha. And I went to go have lunch with a good friend of mine, Nadine, and we had a blast. No matter how much time there’s between us not seeing each other, we have the same amount of fun whenever we Do get to spent time together. I love friendships like these – we’ve been friends since High school so that’s like almost 15 years now. We did a bit of shopping afterward and when I got home I decided to finish a couple of blog articles before Lucien got home from work.

On Thursday and Friday everything’s quite ‘normal’ which means there’s school for Milan, work for Lucien and I do my thing in and around the house. On Saturday we do some stuff in the house that needed to be done, and on Sunday we go over to my sister in law later in the afternoon. We went there to celebrate ‘Sinterklaas’ together. The kids all received some presents and chocolate and stuff like that so they had a lot of fun, as you can imagine haha.

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What have you been up to in November? Most memorable moments? Love to hear from you and thanks for reading!

With Love,
Melissa ♥


4 thoughts on “[MONDAY MEMORIES] Bye November!

  1. boekenwormmam

    I have been working a lot! We had some administration things that had to be done. That combined with the bearded guy coming to the Netherlands I had a busy month. I’m glad it’s over and I hope to relax a little this month. This time of the year I always sink into a depression so I try to walk a little with Sanne every day.


  2. dominds

    Nice blogpost, I really enjoyed reading about your month! Ah I’m so jealous you went to Disney, I really want to go there again someday! Celebrating sinterklaas sounds fun, I always loved it when I was younger, unfortunately, we don’t celebrate it anymore.. Those Jack gloves are amazing, haha.

    I didn’t do that much in November to be honest, haha. I’ve read a lot and celebrated my sisters birthday. I also heard that I am going to graduate in February so that was the best news I could wish for (due to personal circumstances I could not graduate in July 2018)


  3. I love this blogpost – mine would be much to boring to write about. I totally get what you mean about it might seem small to some but it’s huge to you. I always remind myself that it’s the baby steps that actually stick. If you do something all at once and go in hard, then it’s way too hard to stick to, so good for you ❤

    I really need to learn more about Sinterklass because it sounds like so much fun!


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